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Risk Analysis in Open Source Community Driven Projects

I'm looking for perspectives on how risk analysis is performed when there's not precisely a "dollar value" associated with the risk, as in an Open Source project. Traditionally, risk analysis takes ...
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Do you track progress during a agile sprint (iteration)

We have recently adopted (or are trying) to adopt managing our projects in an Agile manner. During our first sprint I asked our Scrum master (who also happens to be our primary resident Agile go-to ...
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Wisdom of using open source code in a commercial software product

I'm looking at using some open source code in my ASP.NET web app (specifically dapper). Management is not a fan, because open source is seen as a risk that has bitten us before. Apparently previous ...
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Dangers of huge monolithic application

The big project I'm working on for a couple years now is a control (and everything) application of an advanced device, heart of its firmware. The device is quite advanced, with more different ...
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Factors to be Considered for Software Risk Management

What are the risk factors that we need to consider while planning for a software project.
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