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According to Wikipedia, Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

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Loosened or sequential referential transparency [closed]

I am interested in robotics programming. HW control often involves calculating the derivative or integration of the signal. It seems quite inevitable to avoid local states for such calculation. (Since ...
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Best way to design an API that will allow for the remote controlling of a robot arm [closed]

I am currently a university student working on an extracurricular project where we built a 3D printed SCARA robot that will be remotely controlled. On one end, you have the user that is moving their ...
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With C#, in what way would it be problematic to have hundreds of classes derived from one abstract class? [duplicate]

With C#, I am defining the physical structure and behavior of a robot. For the physical structure: I wrote an abstract "Unit" class. Other classes such as "Factory" or "Arm&...
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Design Review Of SOLID Principles For An Autonomous Mobile Robot

I am self-learning robotics, C++ and good object oriented design. I have asked various questions over the past couple of weeks: 1 and 2 that have lead to the following design. The design goal is for ...
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Re-usability in C++ using Interfaces and External Configuration

I am practicing professional C++ by building a differential drive robot that applies a Go-To-Goal Behavior. What is I have written so far is an Agent that consumes the following interfaces: ...
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How to design classes of a self-driving machine, if I need a simulation?

Background: I'm working on a project with a self-driving machine with a tank-like control, somehting like: forward() left() right() stop() The code is running on a raspberry pi. The GPIO outputs are ...
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Obstacle bypass in 2d environment

For this 2d grid (black square are not penetrable, white square are): I want to find path who permit to move an object to a start point (x:18, y:18) to a end point (x:1, y:1), square by square. ...
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Event driven language for Robotics [closed]

There are several options that are available like C, C++, Matlab and some more. But is there a language that naturally feels like Event programming? For example: If I see a red ball (Event) ---> Do ...
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What programming languages exist for mechatronics purposes?

Is there any specific language which is designed for mechatronics programming? I know about LabView, which is a data flow language, but not sure about its main platform. Could you recommend to me, ...
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What language is used to program nano quadrotor behaviour?

Just watched this fascinating and terrifying video. I'm curious what programming language / paradigm is used to control these beasties?
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Can anyone recommend a good robot kit for learning C++ robotics programming? [closed]

Preferably something that is a combination of affordable and close to real world robotics programming and will allow me to program it with C++.
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Do you need Hardware skills to be a Robotic Programmer?

I want to know: Do you need hardware skills to be a robotic programmer?
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I might be starting to do Arduino development and I would like some advice [closed]

So, today I looked at Arduino; seems very interesting. I still don't want to shell out the money just yet, as I have some questions, namely: Should I learn something about electronics? What and with ...
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