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Is RSS generation from MySQL server an ideal method for Facebook-like user feed in a website?

Researching this topic took me a long time, mainly because of my lack of knowledge of how RSS actually works, I understand that generating RSS is basically generating an XML file with multiple items ...
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How to filter RSS feed results, according to a DOM element in its page content?

I've a "RSS feed", want to filter its results according to a DOM element in its content! So, this is the mission I'm looking forward to do: Monitor a "RSS feed" continuously. If new RSS elements ...
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Should I implement many RSS feeds or rely on the category field?

When creating a RSS feeds, one can specify categories for the feed, but also for the items. I have a situation where more than 30 categories should be used for content. I am wondering whether I ...
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How to handle the large website rss feed

Portal website usually have very large number of posts. For example I have 50,000 posts in website. I even created the google sitemap as chunks and included it in main site map file. But I have no ...
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How do I collect a list of rss feeds? [closed]

I am developing a rss reader where users search and follow blogs. But, how will I collect and store the feeds of thousands of blogs? Manual process of adding individual feeds is painful. Is there an ...
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Extracting main article from webpage/feed. Is it legal/ethical? [closed]

There are some applications like Readability and Pocket, which are letting users to read the main content of web pages, in a clean interface or such. But the articles should be bookmarked from another ...
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May I remove ads from feed in my news reader app? [closed]

I'm creating a News Reader app for Tablets and PCs. My app is fetching data from news sources by RSS feed of websites (in the server-side). But some of these sites are showing some advertising ...
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How to render RSS feed in a desktop RSS reader?

Consider one feed like this: It has the entire content inside the description tag of the feed, so you don't need to access the website to read the post. Now ...
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Should we use RSS or Atom for feed generation?

For various reasons we are required to add feeds to our product. The main reason is to be able to say to potential buyers that "yes, we have feeds". We do not actually expect the feature to be used ...
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