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Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development framework optimized for programmer happiness and maintaining sustainable productivity. Many things are defined by convention, freeing you from having to re-invent things to stay productive.

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4 answers

Rails: Law of Demeter Confusion

I am reading a book called Rails AntiPatterns and they talk about using delegation to to avoid breaking the Law of Demeter. Here is their prime example: They believe that calling something like this ...
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Does the ActiveRecord pattern follow/encourage the SOLID design principles?

I'm interested in whether ActiveRecord pattern, made famous from Ruby on Rails, encourages or discourages the use of SOLID design principles. For example, it seems to me that ActiveRecord objects ...
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35 votes
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Has test driven development (TDD) actually benefited a real world project?

I am not new to coding. I have been coding (seriously) for over 15 years now. I have always had some testing for my code. However, over the last few months I have been learning test driven design/...
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How to convince teammates to use TDD [closed]

I am the only person on my team that use TDD. How do I make them to use it? I am annoyed that when I pull, someone's code will break my tests and I am the one who has to fix them. Will using github, ...
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Is there a canonical book on Ruby on Rails? [closed]

I'm an experienced developer with .NET, and understand core computing concepts well (OOP, design patterns, etc) but would like to also learn rails. Is there a book out there that's the de-facto ...
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Safe iPhone app ↔ server communication

What would be the best approach to achieving private communication between my iOS app and its server component? Is having a single unchanging “secret key” baked into the app source enough, or do I ...
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What kind of Web development projects benefit from using ORM?

I'll start by saying that I've done 95% of my database work using SQL. Recently, I did some investigation of various ORMs, such as NHibernate and Doctrine. I can see the advantages of not needing to ...
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Multi MVC processing vs Single MVC process

I've worked fairly extensively with the MVC framework cakephp, however I'm finding that I would rather have my pages driven by the multiple MVC than by just one MVC. My reason is primarily to maintain ...
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Rails data model - best practices question

I'm writing a Rails cookbook app as a learning exercise. I've created a table for Recipes which holds info for the recipe (name, author, etc...). I also have a table for Ingredients which will be a ...
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