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Questions tagged [saga]

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1 vote
3 answers

Avoid updating multiple Aggregates in Library Application

I am currently analysing the project ddd-library which is really helping in learning designing a system based on DDD principles. However there is one thing I have a problem with. In case of placing a ...
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Consistency of data between microservices & monoliths

Let's say there is a user table and has field called coins to represent the coins available for that user in the system. At this stage a certain user has 50 coins in his account. Same user do the ...
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Options for modeling nested/related workflows?

I am working on an application for awarding organizations by the CEO based on a somewhat complex criteria of multiple dimensions. The process consists of 3 nested workflows: Award workflow (opened → ...
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Converting monolithic application to microservice architecture with sagas

I'm looking for architectural guidance. I've got this monolithic application. It has a payment platform functionality, where payments are made, scheduled or on demand, via some banking API. Payments ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Microservices: Is the Saga Pattern correctly applied here?

I'm trying to understand and learn how to build microservice messages the best and came up with this task for myself: Services given: Accounts Service Token Service Email Service When a user ...
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SAGA pattern - how to handle situation when some message is not received by orchestrator

Recently I'm studying Saga pattern, but I'm struggling to imagine how it will work in real system. Standard example is making an order, which consist of reserving flight, hotel and a car. We can ...
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1 answer

Unexpected shutdown before a saga completion

Suppose we have some microservices and a saga will run to do a transaction in 6 microservices. What if the whole system dies(unexpected shutdown), on middle of saga process in the step number 4?(...
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2 answers

How to handle command line parameters

I am writing a gui that is supposed to replace a fairly large shellscript in order to make the usage easier for not-so-technical people. The script calls a certain program (saga_cmd) multiple times ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Redux LOADING/SUCCESS/ERROR pattern - when using redux-saga

On a typical web app, we commonly have to deal the LOADING/SUCCESS/ERROR problem - which is that: When I make a backend request I want to display a loading cursor, perhaps disable some buttons. ...
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