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Questions tagged [scalability]

Scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process, to handle growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth.

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Difficulty understanding how federation increases cache performance for databases?

I am studying system design for distributed systems and in this page (, one of the following advantages was mentioned for federation for databases ...
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How to scale a slackbot app

I'm building an app for slack. While I've completed the POC, and everything works well for a single instance of the app, I'm having an issue of wrapping my mind around the scaling of it. The specific ...
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Scaling Order Management System for ecommerce

Tech Stack: I am using MySQL 8 with InnoDB engine. Application is built using Java with Spring & Hibernate. Database is hosted in AWS RDS and web apps in EC2. I have two primary tables for ...
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Do we really need a message brocker in WebSocket system?

I'm engineering architecture of a new web based software. I've never worked on high-scale softwares before and I'm reading a lot about it. To increase client-side speed and reduce load on servers, and ...
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Handling notifications at scale

How do applications like twitter handle notifications at scale. For example @BarackObama has 131.3 million followers. When he tweets, how is that notification sent to all 131.3 million followers. I ...
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How would i design processing twitter data

I am working on a project where a user can input different criteria which will be used to fetch tweets, lets call this action as TweetAnalysis. These tweets will then be sent to another internal ...
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User level customised activity feed design

I am working creating api for activity feed of user. Feed contains different type of entities. Before that let me give you bit overview about the app. Its a video app where Users can ask questions ...
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Scaling Systems With Shared Data

I'm working on an in memory on disk cache and am starting to think about strategies for scaling the system. At the moment the system persists data by creating a file for each key value pair, where the ...
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Scalable database design review

I'm doing some research on how to scale our current SQL database and need some advice with a possible solution. The goal being able to handle more data and doing it in a way that performs well. We ...
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What could be a good scalable alternative to polling data and then looping over a list of objects for triggering some action on those?

So I have some naive implementation for the following problem: We have a list of objects with action methods that have to be trigger at some value of interest. This value is polled (or is streamed) ...
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How can I economically scale to 100+ instances of my .Net Core app without using 1 container per instance?

Currently I have a .NET core application, which fires up a new thread to hold each customer account. Each thread instance: Is long running for many months or more Holds open SignalR Websockets and ...
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Scalable Web Data Service Approach

I'm looking to build a service that interacts with an existing web application's database. The service would retrieve data from an api for which the web application users own an account and warehouse/...
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The best shard key for user authentication

For access to my API user should send login and password and get generated token for access. Account login password Suppose the size of account's table is very large. So large - so needs sharding. ...
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Access Management of End User Data - End User Permission Tickets

I have been familiarizing myself with Googles Security Design Whitepaper. As far as I can understand, and with respect to a Micro-services architecture, from the Access Management of End User Data ...
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