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For questions about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

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How to manage inter team communication while working on same feature in microservice architecture?

We are a team of around 60 software engineers divided into almost 6 teams. We are working on an ecommerce project and following microservice architecture. Each team is responsible for their own ...
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How form SAFe teams within ART, when people have non-overlapping skills?

Imagine having an ART (Agile Release Team in SAFe) with people with following skill groups: backend developers, mobile developers, BI developers. Having, as a product, a mobile app like Uber Eats, ...
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Agile implementation on a microservices oriented company

So we work at a company following the microservices architecture where each microservice is developed by its own scrum team with its own Product Owner. Every microservice is used by multiple different ...
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Where to chain multiple applications developed by several feature teams

I am looking how agile methods can be applied for setting up a chained-application (made of several services for example) developed by several teams. In particular, I think the common sources about ...
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Is replacing daily scrum meeting by a status email called Agile?

If an Agile team has members, such as developers, from different geographical regions, how can the daily scrum meeting happen? Obviously, they have to work in different time zones. Do you think the ...
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What is a typical guild size?

Where I work we follow a scaled agile process based on scrum which we've changed to suit our culture and needs. One thing I feel we are missing are guilds to allow the free flow of information between ...
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How to prevent CI/CD process from being suspended while big changes happen?

This is more of a procedure and maybe a philosophical problem. The development team I am in is divided into Scrum teams or Squads that work on the same product. Occasionally, either one of these ...
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Preexisting culture issues during Scrum transition

My team has been trying to transition to Scrum for some time now, but it seems like the preexisting culture is preventing the team from switching to a new mindset or even causing it to move in the ...
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User Story Time Constraints

My team has been trying to switch to Agile recently. The line manager has been taking 1-2 days per user story as a hard limit rather than a guideline, and framing it as a failure of the developer if ...
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Deconflicting Role of Solution Architect and Product Owner

I currently work as a Solution Architect within a Scaled Agile organization. We also have Product Owners who are in terms of the Company a "higher rank" than the technical oversight group that the ...
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What is the intended or target organizational size for Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

The Scrum Guide defines a single unit that consists of a Product Owner, a Development Team of 3-9 members, and 1 Scrum Master for somewhere between 5 and 11 members. I've seen instances where the ...
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