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Workers and orchestrator

I’m working on a system where we have several scheduled long running operations. In our case this is website crawls that we perform for customers. The current setup is pragmatic where we have one ...
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How to improve a monthly usage quota system for an API with growing number of users?

Couple of years ago, I designed an API service which has a limit on the number of requests per month per user. To track the monthly usage of each user, I used a table called monthly_usage. The table ...
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How to auto-scale a service based on requests count and internal processes

I have a service which is used to register tasks. These tasks are asynchronous and executed in background using a state management engine. The state management engine is running inside the service and ...
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How sharding works when you outgrow the current shard architecture?

Looking at sharding techniques, you basically have hash-based or range-based versions. Hash based is more random, range-based is more heuristic based. Say you initially have 2 shards (separate ...
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Scaled services and order of events sent as messages (using a broker)

How would you go about making sure that "events" sent as messages to any sort of broker (Kafka, RabbitMQ etc) from multiple instances of the same service (load balanced) are actually added ...
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Application layer scaling while depending on a single DB

How can running multiple instances of my backend improve performance if they are all backed with a single Database (served with the same database instance) Because I think that most of the latency of ...
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Operate on data that doesn't fit into JVM

We have a service where we have billions of key-value data stored in some storage. Before actually querying the data, we query the bloom filter to determine if the key may exist or definitely does not ...
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Why can't we vertically scale a system infinitely?

When talking about scaling a system, it's often said that vertical scaling has limitations. So after a point, we need to scale the system horizontally. What are the limitations of: Main memory - ...
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How microservices db are updated and sync when scale? [closed]

Scenario: In Case I have MS "MS-1" Orchestration detect high volume Orchestration create additional node with cloned MS "MS-2" "MS-2" get request and update its DB Question : How MS "MS-1" will ...
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Alternative architecture for multi-instance, client-to-client message relay/broker

Research leads me to believe the most common architecture for a multi-instance (horizontally-scaling) message relay service (the typical example being an instant messenger/chat service) is to ...
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How to handle concurrent updates for the same record in a distributed system

I'm trying to figure out the best solution for the below. Any help would be great. So basically I have a service (that can be scaled horizontally), which listens on a queue. Every message received ...
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Efficiency of horizontal scaling when Multiple Deployment of same container on a single Host

Do we get efficiency in terms of load handling when the same container (in this case the container has a apache server and a php application) is deployed 5 or more times (i.e. 5 or more containers are ...
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Scaling an overgrown SCRUM team

Backstory A scrum team is well defined. They have a PO, scrum master, clearly defined scope. The workload increases, as more and more projects are covered and need to be maintained, but it is still ...
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