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Strategies to abstract away technical details when dealing with transactions

I like programming in such a way that every component/injectable of the applications I build, has a clearly defined scope, and it's easily tested. With years working as a Developer I've come to ensure ...
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When is there a case for refactoring large parts of a codebase at once? (if ever)

I work with a specific engineer (let's call them X) that, even though they have many years of experience in the industry, has a lot of trouble to manage the scope of code changes. For example, say ...
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What process(s) do you often go through when abandoning a team project?

This question is written after insight gained from my previous question here: What factors should influence how I determine when to abandon a small project with a friend?. This question is ideally ...
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How to educate business managers on the complexity of adding new features? [duplicate]

We maintain a web application for a client who demands that new features be added at a breakneck pace. We've done our best to keep up with their demands, and as a result the code base has grown ...
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Is there a name for when a sales team irresponsibly promises non-existent features? [closed]

It's a common issue to see a company's sales team promise new features in order to close a sale. Many times these new features are still in development or are still being designed. Sometimes features ...
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How do I avoid feature creep on a solo project?

So I have a program I'm worked on back in 2011 and all through 2012, but the last release was in December of 2011. I've been actively working on it, but feature creep lured its ugly head and now it is ...
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Managing software projects - advice needed

I work for a large government department as part of an IT team that manages and develops websites as well as stand alone web applications. We’re running in to problems somewhere in the SDLC that don’...
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Project estimation with increasing requirements

Making a project estimation with given a requirements set is one thing. But, what happens when the user suddenly starts changing them on the fly and starts adding new requirements to the already ...
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How to manage scope creep?

We often receive last minute requests from the business asking for an extra feature to be implemented. The project manager is usually responsible for filtering out these requests as "must haves" or "...
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