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1 answer

Best file formats for ML training

Hi I'm bulding an ML pipeline with PyTorch to support various tasks and am looking for some advice on efficient ways to store processed data. The main frame work was 3 layers [data prep] -> [data ...
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2 answers

How did old OSs create or expand a segment in memory without issues?

On an 8086 CPU before the flat memory model had been adopted, when the OS wanted to create a new segment for a process, how did it know what virtual memory ranges were already covered by existing ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Segmentation and Object File Segments

I'm struggling to really understand memory segmentation. It's the topic of memory segmentation related to segments like heap,stack,code in an object file? Maybe they're for sure, but I still ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Purpose of Segmentation and Logical Addresses in 8086

In 8086, mapping of logical adderss to physical address is done with the help of segmentation. Segment registers : offset, and you get the physical location in a 2^20 byte RAM, even though you have 16 ...
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