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De-facto standard for using multi-part version numbers like {major}.{minor}.{patch-level} followed optionally by pre-release labels.

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Semantic versioning for content websites

How applicable is it to adapt SemVer for content-centric websites (ie/ not web apps)? Most of the SemVer 2.0.0 specifications able to translate into such type of websites however it becomes vagues ...
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How to implement automatic SemVer from code changes [closed]

Goal I'm working on libraries published as nuget packages and I would like the version of those packages to update automatically based on the changes I make. In other words, I would like something ...
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Can a library reach v1.0 when its dependencies haven't?

Some widely used libraries are still versioned 0.x, which under semantic versioning, means they might break the API at any time. Examples of such libraries: numba v0.46, 1.2 million downloads on ...
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Semantic versioning for SPA applications with a RESTful backend

I am building an Angular web application with a RESTful backend. I plan on using semantic versioning to differentiate between different releases. I've already read a bit about how to implement ...
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Proper version incrementation with multiple bug fixes in same release

Say I have a three PRs going into the next release. Each PR is a bug fix and all have been approved for the next release. If the current version is 2.3.1, should the next version be 2.3.2 (count all ...
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How far to go with semantic versioning?

Say you have an interface with a function List<A> doSomething(Collection<B> bs). Looking at Java's List interface and its JavaDoc I could return an immutable List which doesn't support ...
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Change semver versioning after dropping node eninge versions

I doubt about to which semver version I should update my public NPM package. I didn't change any code, but I had to drop some node engine versions due to a dependency package which had a major update ...
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Software package versioning confusion

I am working in embedded software domain and my primary work area is development of firmware for various MCUs. I follow the folder structure as mentioned below for any firmware project to release the ...
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How can I do production like deployments using a artifact server that enforces semantic versioning with artifacts that haven't received a version yet?

Just a small bit of background. Right now my team tags release candidates in version control. I've learned that this may not be the best thing to do because we still have to go through user acceptance ...
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Does doc comments count as declaring a public API?

I've been reading about semantic versioning. Software using Semantic Versioning MUST declare a public API. This API could be declared in the code itself or exist strictly in documentation. ...
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Why do developers love using code-names instead of actual version numbers? [closed]

99% of software comes in different versions. And quite often developers like naming versions. Example - Android versions: Froyo Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich etc.. It really bothers me because it ...
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Versioning of re-implementation - same idea, same name, new project and repo - 1.0.0 or 2.0.0?

Assuming that we have a project called: "WizardProject". The WizardProject, which currently stands at version 1.x.x, has a mostly Java based stack and active development has been ...
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How to maintain multiple or single repositories of a project developed by multiple people?

A while ago, I asked what are cons and pros between the two version control designs of a project: multiple repositories, vs single repository When a project has a single git repository and developed ...
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Git Tagging for SaaS application with CD and SemVer

I'm developing a SaaS application where I'm required to keep track and publish every change in a changelog. I've started to follow a Semantic Versioning approach and also using Continuous Delivery. ...
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How to version bug fix of library for earlier release?

I'm kinda new in versioning. In my scenario, for example, our main project is currently developing in 2.1.0 (develop branch), while the library version remain same as 1.5.0 since nothing change (for ...
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How to use Semantic Versioning on Existing Multi Component Codebase?

I am working on a multi contributor project, having ~2500 Commits. It has multiple components, i.e. Frontend, Backend and Data Processor/DB Ingestion. Now that we are expecting more contributors, a ...
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Multi module project version management

I have a CMake multi module project made of a library and an executable. Both the root project and each sub module has its own version (major.minor.patch). I would like to know how to handle each ...
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What should my next SemVer version number be?

For a frontend web app version 3.9, we have a visual change that I would constitute as a backwards compatible (as far as the API) new feature. Therefor, my SemVer instinct is to bump the minor version ...
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Version naming for source code with multiple build targets

I have a Java library which is deployed automatically to Maven central. Right now this library has Java-1.8 target SDK, I want to continue releasing source code with this target and add new target ...
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