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How can i handle really long-term running tasks?

Im not dealing with a x minute task that can use an message queue and some workers to be done. Lets say that i have an cctv camera that capture 24/7, but can be stopped or started again via Web API ...
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Server-side Long Running Tasks

I am trying to decide on which approach to follow for long running tasks. Web Client (user) story Web client connects to the server (REST API + WebSocket for real-time notifications) Web client POSTs ...
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In a microservice architecture without sharing a DB, how to spin up a worker to make changes in other microservices database?

Currently we have a MicroserviceA which has a database of objects that need to be hydrated with some KI calculated data. For this it queries MicroserviceB via REST in batches and inserts this into its ...
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Dependency injection in .NET Core 3.x Worker Services: Why so hard to consume Transient services now?

I have a Repository service that should be Transient. It is used in many applications. I have a new application that's a Console App, and current guidance suggests implementing my business logic in ...
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Best approach for inter-process task queues

I have an application made up of multiple processes/workers/services which need to send messages to each other that represent units of "enqueued tasks" to be done. I am trying to find the ...
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Good strategy to deploy workers that process long-lasting tasks

I have multiple instances on the same worker that process long-lasting tasks. Usually, those tasks last about 30 minutes - 5 hours. Tasks are stored in RabbitMQ. Workers are deployed as Kubernetes ...
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How to design a fast way to `unarchive` file using python?

Assuming the following scenario: A python application that receives file and process that file trying to understand what the file format( any type of data/compressions/archives/packages/mounts/etc ),...
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How to force IIS to/inform IIS that it should spin up more worker processes?

Our system generally processes in two services which are run under IIS. Service A gets HTTP requests, parses the content, and shoots it to RabbitMQ. Service B takes messages from RabbitMQ, parses them ...
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3k views MVC static class and background worker

I have an MVC 5 app that is working perfectly. A colleague of mine has made a project that reads in data from files and churns some of it to output some calculations for me to display in the ...
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How to build visibility into a background worker service?

I have been working on a cloud-based background worker service, and regrettably it is almost "blind". What I mean by this is it is incredibly difficult to get any insight into what is going on, aside ...
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Understanding the worker layer in software architecture

I'm new to Java, I've been mostly a scripter. I recently started working at an all Java shop and have been investigating the architecture. I've encountered more than one project with a directory ...
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Async web server and associated 'workers' implementation

In a regular WSGI service provider implementation there is a blocking HTTP server that services clients. When a client, for example, creates an invoice, the server simply makes a CRUD operation that ...
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AppCache vs Service Workers

I am looking around to create an offline HTML5 app to be used in both Android and iOS (I do not have the means to create a native iOS app), but when looking up some technology I find this interesting ...
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