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Persistant Browser Display Settings for Users

I have a question about what's the best approach to handle persistent data for web apps. I have a web app that is authenticating through an auth service. once authenticated it makes requests to the ...
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Should Configurations Be Split To Different Microservices?

As part of a microservice-based system design, I'm struggling to decide where system configurations should reside in terms of domain ownership. For example, let's assume I'm designing a "store ...
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Inject dependencies which map to settings locator

At the moment, the application I work on relies on an ISettingsService which is injected via the constructor; classic dependency injection. As time goes and the application's capabilities (understand ...
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Should appsettings.Development.json be added to the repository?

Lately I got in a discussion with my colleague whether the appsettings.Development.json should be added to the git repository or not. My considerations are: when a developer clones a repository to his ...
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Does continous delivery reduce the need to make settings configurable?

I mainly work on custom web applications that have just one production deployment. While we are moving to continuous delivery, I was wondering if that approach reduces the need to make settings ...
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Storing persistent settings for each product in list

Sorry if I'm not clear, I didn't touch the program for almost two weeks. I have a program that reads XML files: A product list Each product's default settings (if custom is not available) Each ...
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2 answers

Best practices for testing settings file with many parameters in simulation code

I'm conflicted as to what is the best way to approach this problem. I am writing a simulation in Python, which is parametrized by ~ 50 parameters. I have a JSON file where these parameters are set, ...
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Saving flags in the database without relationships to other tables

I have an admin panel which can set a lot of options which will affect some other services drastically. For example I got one that if I create a different category I can just insert it in the Category ...
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Save settings per developer in Git

Persistence is an essential requirement for preferences. Developer's preferences are saved in .idea/ folder. It is recommended to add .idea/ to .gitignore to avoid merge conflicts. But then settings ...
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Can I use UML use cases to model settings?

Is correct to represent setting options using use cases? For example the user can: - enable background updates - change map color - change interval updates From
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how to maintain settings across different repositories

So I have .eslint and .settings (VSCode) files that I would like to be consistent across projects. How would I do this? Currently, I am thinking that I should put them into a repository, which then I ...
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2 answers

Best approach to persist settings in files

I am in the process of migrating the way an app makes persistence of its settings. It wrote and read data from registry; now it is desired it load/save XML files on the C:\AppData\MyApp\Version ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Storing settings in a table in my SQLite database or separately?

I'm building an application which uses SQLite, and now want to add settings that are stored between sessions I'm considering if I'm going to store the settings in a config file or if I'm going to use ...
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How should I load and change settings?

Please forgive me if my thought process is incorrect. I'm only a programmer in my spare time, with no formal training. I'm using to create a very basic application, but some settings need to ...
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1 answer

Options vs Preferences vs Settings? What do they mean, and for what should I use them? [closed]

Across the various different programs, you will most often have a menu item called: Preferences Firefox Chrome Gedit Synaptic (Under a Settings menu column) Hexchat (Under a Settings menu column) ...
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Should I create a settings provider implementing an interface for each handler?

Let's say I got a series of services that are handled by a central hub, part of the behavior of the application is controlled by a series of settings that are stored on a file. Right now when I get a ...
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Why store app configuration in a data file instead of code esp. when using Continuous Integration?

Consider the following CI procedure is in place: Builds are only deployed (semi-)automatically. All changes are version-controlled. Configuration is fixed per environment. Why use data files (*....
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Is there a practical reason not to use a .NET "setting" to store data that is not a setting?

.NET applications developed using Visual Studio have an easy way to store and recover user settings. You can add the default value of a setting in a special class and have read/write access to it at ...
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How to turn off third party app store and side loading except my app store

I want to prevent installing apps using third party app stores but except only one app store. This specific app store is in my control. I can change it's code to send a message to the mobile device ...
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Best practice for settings for PHP class for code generation [closed]

I would like to have a class creating any code from given options and output it in a chosen way. I have written class for generation of simple JavaScript code for such cases where is needed to ...
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How to best model an application's settings?

My application has a configuration file and a "Settings" window. When the user confirms the changes in this window they are applied and written to the config file. These settings are often changed ...
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3 answers

Saving to Registry vs. CustomFile [closed]

I've been using the usual My.Settings... method when it came to saving settings for my program but I was just wondering, If I wanted to save program settings into the Registry and load those settings, ...
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Java platform vs Source/Binary format settings in Netbeans

I've just wanted to get to know what these particular settings really do: Project Properties -> Libraries -> Java Platform Project Properties -> Sources -> Source/Binary Format After a little bit of ...
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2 answers

When and how to apply application settings in .Net

I know that I can access application settings in .Net using Properties.Settings.Default.aSetting. What is the best way to apply them: To directly read them in the function which relies on them. This ...
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Is there a standard file for building a settings window?

I've made GUI settings windows for a lot of files, but it's always been the same way I make a regular GUI content window. I want to dynamically produce one that will be parseable to show standard GUI ...
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2 answers

Flexible and easy to use settings class

I am thinking about a way to create a flexible "settings class" in C#. The question is: How to provide a confortable way to provide default values to the settings. I want the programmer to access the ...
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Mac OS X preferences saving, when to apply/save changes made by user [closed]

It is typical for Mac OS X apps to have preferences that apply seamlessly, and preferences dialogs don't have "OK" or "Apply" button. I want to implement this behavior in my project, but I can't ...
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Storing a single read/writeable value for a web service

I'm writing a web service for some physical visualizations of data we are collecting and showing as part of a project we are running locally Some of the visualizations will be ...
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Issue with My.Settings using Visual Basic [closed]

For my A2 Computing project I have created a game using Visual Basic. For the leaderboard section, I have used the My.Settings feature to store the scores when the game closes, but only one or two ...
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Implementing Settings/Preferences in JavaScript

I am making a simple web app mostly in JavaScript. I was wondering as to how do I deploy settings/preferences? Do I just store user preferences somewhere and make use of if...else... statements all ...
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Best practices for remotely resetting a mobile app's content/settings

What would be the best approach to resetting a mobile app's content/settings? Let's say the app is cross platform: iOS/android using javascript/phonegap. The current way this is designed is to have ...
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