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PowerApps with SharePoint Versus ASP.NET core with SQL Server

I have around 6 years of experience in SharePoint, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core MVC & SQL Server. Now when I want to take a decision, if the project should be implemented using SharePoint/PowerApps ...
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Agile development and standard requirement template

I know there is a distinct difference between a requirement specification and a user story. However in our company, many of the requirements can actually be defined in a standard template. This goes ...
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Run coded UI tests on different projects

With little or none previous experience of testing, I'm looking into adding automated testing to a continuous integration process of SharePoint applications. I've learned how this can be achieved ...
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What exactly does it mean that storing “large blobs in the database reduces performance”?

To someone who knows database internals this may be an easy question, but can someone explain in a clear way why storing large blobs (say 400 MB movies) in the database is supposed to decrease ...
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SharePoint + InfoPath Joins

I am trying to do something somewhat unique, and the best path I can find at the moment is to use List joins, but I'm not sure this is possible. I'm hoping someone can suggest a best course of action....
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How can I determine how to charge for supporting SharePoint sites and SharePoint development? [closed]

I recently created a site in SharePoint and I need to setup a maintenance/support agreement for the site. In addition to the site, there are some custom modules that were developed that we monitor. ...
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How can I get non-programmer colleagues on board with bespoke software rather than Dynamics CRM + Sharepoint?

I am working with a company which designs and builds one-off machines. They have been 'dabbling' with hosted Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint (on different servers!) in an attempt to centralise their data ...
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Is there a better way to handle data abstraction in this example?

I'm building an application that retrieves Sharepoint list data via a web service SPlists.Lists. To create an instance of the web service, I have the following class: class ...
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Proper Data Structure for Commentable Comments

Been struggling with this on an architectural level. I have an object which can be commented on, let's call it a Post. Every post has a unique ID. Now I want to comment on that Post, and I can use ...
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asp .net development skills transferred to sharepoint? [closed]

Would a competent asp .net C# developer be disregarding a lot of their skills in order to have more concern with configuration and server-side coding when moving their career into the sharepoint 2010 ...
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PHP to SharePoint roadmap

I'm a PHP developer with familiarity with Rails and a focus on MVC development. My company is moving more and more to SharePoint and I feel I need to learn to build application within the SharePoint ...
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Knowledge and skills required for Sharepoint [closed]

I was just wondering what skills and technologies I need to know to in order to start a career path in Sharepoint. I know that it primarily depends on the job I am applying for but there must be a ...
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MS-Access to Sharepoint conversion?

I do some volunteer work with a non-profit organization on the side occasionally. My main area of expertise is ASP.NET, C#, and SQL. They currently rely heavily on an Access database for their day to ...
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Should I avoid SharePoint Development in Visual Studio?

Not long ago I started an internship at a company that supplies SharePoint consultancy, hosting and development. While their consultancy seems to be pretty good and solid, I feel their development ...
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Why does everybody hate SharePoint? [closed]

Reading this topic about the most over hyped technologies I noticed that SharePoint is almost universally reviled. My experience with SharePoint (especially the most recent versions) is that it ...
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