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215 votes
8 answers

Is it bad practice to use <?= tag in PHP?

I've come across this PHP tag <?= ?> recently and I am reluctant to use it, but it itches so hard that I wanted to have your take on it. I know it is bad practice to use short tags <? ?> ...
1 vote
2 answers

What are the most idiomatic abbreviations for comparison operators [closed]

I am wondering what the most idiomatic text abbreviations for comparison operators are. I need to build a custom enum with them, so I cannot use their symbols. To me personally, these seem idiomatic: ...
4 votes
1 answer

How dangerous is it to take shortcuts when coding Web based applications? [closed]

I started working as a Web developer few months back. Previously, I had no prior professional experience in programming besides school classes and fun-side projects I did on my own. I am the only ...
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2 answers

shortening url to cms

Hi We have a CMS application that lets people create websites under our domain. The system was built a few years ago and it used a method that transfers parameters such as website id, folder code and ...