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What are standard ways to pass the event signal over fixed level only connection?

I need to pass exactly event (not a lasting state) over communication connection that can provide boolean or integer value, possible to set, clear and observe by both sides. It is OPC UA framework but ...
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Where did usage of OS signals go?

From what books I read on linux system programming, it seems like signals were the primary way to communicate events between processes. They were the gateway into many interesting functionalities, ...
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Connect private methods to Signals

I've recently been working on a customerproject that makes extensive use of a signals/slots like mechanism. Their approach is to directly connect signals from a larger framework to private methods of ...
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How can I emulate Signals and Slots found in Qt, to Javascript / Typescript Classes?

Ive brought this up with other developers, and they say while there is no obvious way forward, it seems that they all have an idea of how to go about it. Is there any way I can implement signals and ...
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Weighted correlation coefficient

My problem is to classify input time series signal (128 points, equidistant in time, range 0.0..1.0) in limited amount (say 16) different classes. We have hand-classified 20000 samples and we are ...
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Best way to signal all child processes to terminate using C

I have been assigned the task of designing a simple web server using C in my UNIX & C class. The webserver listens and forks when a successful connection is made so that multiple clients may be ...
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Proper way of handling EINTR in libraries

What is the recommended etiquette when it comes to EINTR in libraries? I'm currently writing a function that does some file system tasks with the POSIX API, but a lot of the calls I use can ...
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Difference between Signal/Slot and DataBusPattern

I'm just trying to figure out what makes the Signal/Slot (Pattern?). Wikipedia tells me not so much and calls it an implementation of the ObserverPattern* while I would think it has much more ...
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Good practice using signals and event driven system

I am using signals (specifically Boost signals2) to create an event driven protocol API and model. Most elements have their own signals, and there are usually multiple of each element. Consider a ...
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Operating systems theory -- using minimum number of semaphores

This situation is prone to deadlock of processes in an operating system and I'd like to solve it with the minimum of semaphores. Basically there are three cooperating processes that all read data ...
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Prevent anomalies caused by signal propagation time

In electrical engineering class we learned that signal lines are not ideal, so it takes time for the signal to reach the other end of the cable, and if we doesn't take this into account, it can lead ...
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Why would it take hours to decode transmissions from Curiosity rover via MRO?

This video clip by NASA says that data from Curiosity relayed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) would be stored for a few hours, then transmitted to Earth (apparently taking about 14 minutes), ...
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Real-time Dataflow Programming

Background Recently, I have been fascinated about the possibilities of dataflow-based programming approaches - in particular, signal/event-based concepts as realized by functional reactive ...
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