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Choosing Between Ruby and Python for a FS Microservice Backend in Node App [closed]

I have been working on a application that up until now has been pure Node. However I am concerned about performance and overhead since the application performs a lot of file system operations (Copy ...
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How do I go about setting up my Sinatra REST API on a server?

I'm an iOS developer primarily. In building my current app, I needed a server that would have a REST API with a couple of GET requests. I spent a little time learning Ruby, and landed on using Sinatra,...
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Splitting up a Rails/Ruby app onto multiple servers

We recently moved a large application to two machines, both running the same codebase. I. Machine A Web server for public facing application Receives web hook call backs from our ESP Handles a ...
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API Development - Sinatra?

I've been tasked to create a mobile application as well as an accompanying website. Both the application and website will interact with the same database. To make things easy, I figure creating an API ...
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Which framework should a ruby beginner start with: rails or sinatra? [closed]

What is the best framework for start: rails or sinatra? I heard that sinatra is more flexible but rails has a lot of documentation and tutorials. What's your choice?
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