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Questions tagged [sip]

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what is the utility to a REST API for SIP trunk's?

Why does Twilio offer: Trunking REST API docs - Provision, configure, and modify SIP Trunks and phone numbers with the REST API. What are the top usages for this API? I appreciate that the process ...
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Video conferencing server architecture

I am developing a video conference application with the following requirements: Audio works like call conference, where all participants may talk at the same time. However, video works like ...
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Alternative to SIP, voice communication in Android [closed]

Is it exists any alternative to SIP protocol? I want implement voice & video chat option in my application. I don't want use SIP, because I need only simple communication without call for ...
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How can a server initiate request in SIP protocol?

Either a client or a server can initiate request in SIP. How is it possible? How will the server know about the client?
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Implementing the transport layer for a SIP UAC

I have a somewhat simple, but specific, question about implementing the transport layer for a SIP UAC. Do I expect the response to a request on the same socket that I sent the request on, or do I let ...
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