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What is the best way to send SMS through my own SIM card? [closed]

TLDR: I'm looking for advice on the most straightforward method to set up an SMS system using my own SIM card, without relying on SMS service providers like Twilio or MessageBird. Currently, I am ...
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How does a SMS provider like twilio work? [closed]

Simple question, I'm asking here as I don't exactly know how to phrase this question correctly, I'm interested in knowing how SMS providers work, e.g how do they send you that message? who does it go ...
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How to create a code that will be send by SMS to verify that it's a valid phone number? [closed]

I'm creating a mobile app that will have a verification process of the phone number like most of apps do when they use your phone. I'm also developing the back-end but I don't know exactly what is the ...
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Responsibility of message template for OTP microservice

We want to design a solution for generation and validation of OTP(One Time Password) process. We decided to create OTP process as a separate micro service. Since OTP need to be communicated to users ...
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Generating 4 digits SMS confirmation code

I need to generate simple, 4 digits confirmation SMS code, which based on given information, e. g. username, or birthdate, whatever. So, for two identical inputs, I need two same output codes. I can'...
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SMS for messaging between applications [closed]

What would be the issues or advantages to using SMS messaging for inter-application messaging? more or less reliable than http? etc.
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Using SMS as transaction in offline situations

Currently, I have this hybrid mobile application which talks to my C# web service to do CRUD transactions. As the mobile application is always on the go, and there might not have internet connectivity ...
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Should I have a queue with SMS requests to picked up by a separate process or connect directly to the API?

I created an email queue where I put the requests for emails to be sent. If the SMTP server is unavailable, the requests are not lost. When the SMTP server gets back online, the background service ...
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SMS verification in web application [closed]

This is my first project related to SMS verification. How to implement SMS verification in online ordering web application? For example:- when we try to reset the password in amazon's website, it ...
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In-house SMS (using a SIM card) receiving and sending?

My needs are very simple but I don't know the terms I should be Googling for: I need to occasionally send a SMS to a machine and that machine is going to answer with another SMS to the number that did ...
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Algorithm for appointment reminders

My program allows users to store appointments in a calendar. What has been requested of me is the ability for SMS reminders to be sent to people to remind them of their appointment. The SMS would ...
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What are the key points to evaluate to select a good SMS gateway?

We are planning to add a "SMS verification account" option for our customers. (So we will only send SMS. We do not need a short code.) We have found several companies who offer SMS gateways through ...
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Handling SMS/email convergence: how does a good business app do it?

I'm writing a school administration software package, but it strikes me that many developers will face this same issue: when communicating with users, should you use email or SMS or both, and should ...
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Max. SMS length that will reach all users

I'm building a grants management system where we're trying to find a list of lost users using a number of different means. The first attempt is email but if we do not have an email address, we will ...
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