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Long running process with shared and synced status between multiple browser windows?

is it practical to store the status of a long running process in a redis key to sync the status of process across multiple browser windows of the same page? ( including new browser windows opened when ...
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Connect two users of a Lobby

first of all i will explain you what i want to do. I have a Web application where are multiple rooms like Room1, Room2, Room3… Currently active users can join in one of these Rooms by clicking on it. ...
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194 views behind api gateway

So the architecture I am currently working with, we have an api-gateway that gets all the requests and publishes them to our Eventsystem/ or directly to our essential services(auth, etc). Now we want ...
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Do I actually need a message broker or are websockets enough?

The website I am building has a real-time messaging component. The backend is built with Flask and I have integrated Flask-SocketIO to handle Websocket connections when users are on the messaging page....
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Notify thousands of clients with websockets, are there any caveats?

I'm building a web app, where users can create locations, which are displayed on a map. Also, users can click on the map objects in order to get to a place details page where further interactions ...
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NodeJS SocketIO Multiplayer Multiple Game Room Management

I am making a multiplayer card game and am using NodeJS as my server with SocketIO. My question is how should I be managing multiple game rooms (say an n number of game rooms) ? Currently I have it ...
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Do TCP Sockets need validity/security checks?

I am currently building a distributed system that consists of two separated nodes, connected over wireless Lan. The processes communicate over a bidirectional TCP Socket and JSON messages. For the ...
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Sending push notifications to android by nodejs server

I am having the requirement in my project, that nodejs server has to send the notification (kind of push notification) to our mobile, and user( or mobile holder ) have to act on that notification like ...
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Performance comparison of Legacy VB6 Software vs Node.js and React.js

My company just started a new production management software by using serial communication to scales. My company has already developed the software using VB6 in 2006 and keep using that outdated ...
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Are AJAX calls fully replaceable by requests sent via WebSockets?

I am redeveloping an application with the aim of going along with the more modern techniques. That is how I came across, which I integrated with express.js. I implemented live searching ...
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What is the point of rooms in

I was wondering what the purpose of rooms is. See: You can basically mimic join and leave with just socket.on and Take for example: (no room) ...
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