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Is the carriage-return char considered obsolete

I wrote an open source library that parses structured data but intentionally left out carriage-return detection because I don't see the point. It adds additional complexity and overhead for little/no ...
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Is there an expiration date for well regarded, but old books on programming? [closed]

After reading a question about books every programmer should read, I wonder if the following should be considered obsolete: Code complete: 1st edition in 1993; 2nd edition in May, 2004 Introduction ...
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What process/guidelines should be followed, when I am about to deprecate a few methods from my service classes in Java?

My team plans to deprecate a few methods from a specific library. I do not want to simply remove them, but dont want to return results either from the mehtods that are to be deprecated. What are the ...
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How to deal with "software end-of-life" situations?

When a vendor declares that they no longer intend to provide any support or services to a piece of software (and stated the intent to exit the business - offering no upgrade paths), what kind of ...
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