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Mnemonics for set of design principles: Single responsibility, Open-closed, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation, Dependency inversion

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What Design Pattern to use to render PDF pages for a PDF Proposal?

I want to create a set of patterns to use for rendering a PDF Proposal (a set of PDF pages). I have made a good start, but not clear on how to proceed when more complexity is involved. I am using ...
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How to measure LSP from SOLID Design Principles using NMI, NME and NMO

I do understand the SOLID Principles and LSP, but I want to be able to meausure how well a class diagram obeys to the LSP. Therefor I have found the "Value of LSP" metric, here is a guide ...
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How can I decouple my wrapper API from its underlying SOAP implementation?

In our current architecture, a user has multiple ways they can change an address (as an example). They can do it through an online portal, through our core processor directly, or via a number of apps ...
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Angular 8: Mixing Business and Presentation logic

I was reading about the history of Microsoft and Webforms. How people strayed away from Webforms because it mixes business logic with display/presentation logic. So when reading Angular 8, and seeing ...
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Handling complex dynamic queries in Laravel 5

I am developing a project using Laravel. My workflow is: route directs to controller Controller calls eloquent models Eloquent models perform queries (tipically CRUD and find) Controller returns ...
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Modeling web scraper

I'm working on a small application that is supposed to scrape/parse a few website and I'm wondering which would be the best way to achieve this (keeping DRY/SOLID in mind). Here's some pseudocode: ...
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MVC / MVVM principles

I'm currently working on updating some old projects (inherited stuff) and I keep running into various small issues with the architecture. Namely monolithic classes too tightly coupled. One example ...
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How should I implement this requirement following SOLID?

Assume we had a User class which should hold references for all different kinds of request, let's say at the moment we only have 2 :RequestA and RequestB, both inherit from the base class Request. Now ...
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