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Solr is an open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Source:

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Design for Maintaining changes over time which supports arbitrary updates in different time points

I have a collection of documents, which hold a subject id, a timestamp and a value. For example: { sid: 1, t: 3, v: "A" } { sid: 1, t: 5, v: "B" } Which means subject#1 is ...
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What is the name of this "query builder" pattern I am looking for?

I have a microservice I am designing for getting "Book" information, and one of the capabilities is to query Solr and fuse it with some DB results that I queried. I am looking for, what I am calling ...
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Problems with evaluating results of search engine by comparison

We're building a search engine at a client's place. To evaluate the results, the client is comparing top N results of our search engine to top N results of a competitor. And they want me to get at ...
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Lucene vs Solr - Indexing pdf/word documents reisiding on a NAS drive using .Net [closed]

Using ASP.Net, I want to implement full text search using Lucene/Solr on a LARGE number of docs (word, pdf etc.) residing in a directory on a NAS drive. The NAS drive would be mapped as a network ...
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Incorporating custom Algorithm in SOLR-LUCENE , before Indexing?

CURRENT FLOW: I am using a custom algorithm(presently in php) to rank the MYSQL records before INDEXING it to SOLR . WHAT I WANT : Is it possible implementing this ALGORITHM(may be in JAVA) inside ...
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Is a good solution for searching a list of names with fuzzy matching? [closed]

At the moment, we're using sql server full text search, but it's too inflexible. The main thing we do is look up names of people from a database based on a search query. The searches need to be fast, ...
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Advantage of Solr over other DBs?

As far as I know, Apache Solr Lucene project is a web-app which is used for rich text searching. I just wanted to know: Why can't I use MySQL for that and just for rich text searching, why we use ...