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Spring is a module based open source framework to build robust Java / Java EE applications.

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What does the Spring framework do? Should I use it? Why or why not?

So, I'm starting a brand-new project in Java, and am considering using Spring. Why am I considering Spring? Because lots of people tell me I should use Spring! Seriously, any time I've tried to get ...
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What is the use of DTO instead of Entity?

I am working on RCP application, I'm new to this application. Spring beans are used to write business logic to save/fetch entities. But, instead of sending entities directly to client we are ...
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Why not Spring framework? [duplicate]

Are there any disadvantages in tying my application to Spring framework? I'm not talking about bugs or issues like that, if any. I'm talking about strategic, architectural things that will influence ...
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Microservice architecture shared domain models

Lets assume that we have a Spring Boot application that uses microservices architecture. Each of the services has its own domain models, but each service must reference a User domain object. What ...
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Why do we need frameworks for dependency injection? [closed]

I've been reading up more on the Inversion of Control principle and Dependency Injection as an implementation of it and am pretty sure I understand it. It seems to be basically saying 'don't declare ...
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When not to use Spring to instantiate a bean?

I am trying to understand what would be the correct usage of Spring. Not syntactically, but in term of its purpose. If one is using Spring, then should Spring code replace all bean instantiation code? ...
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Why is it such a bad idea to share an interface between server and client?

I was reading the Spring Cloud Netflix documentation when I found out about a way to share an interface between an HTTP server and its client. They use this example for microservices, although there's ...
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“Depend on abstractions, not on concretions” what is the exact meaning of this term

I was reading SOLID principles on a website, in which for D - Dependency Inversion Principle it says: “Depend on abstractions, not on concretions” In other words. we should design our software in ...
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How to manage 2 DAO methods in a single transaction?

In an interview someone asked me : How do we manage 2 transactional/dao methods in a single transaction. Desired capabilities: If anyone of them fails we need to rollback both methods. Both of the ...
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Data Objects for each layer(DTO vs Entity vs Response objects)

Let's say I'm building a Customer web application(in Spring Boot 2), which also exposes rest end points. I'm modeling my application into 3 layers. a) UI - CustomerDTO b) REST - ...
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Why were annotations introduced in Spring and Hibernate?

I would like to know why were annotations introduced in Spring and Hibernate? For earlier versions of both the frameworks book authors were saying that if we keep configuration in xml files then it ...
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Tools for managing a complicated project setup with many frameworks and no documentation

We have to extend a huge java project that makes use of frameworks like maven, spring, struts, freemarker and closure templates. We do have access to source code but barely any documentation, and we ...
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Using prototype/non-Spring managed beans in Spring Web application

I have been working on few web applications/REST web services recently (Spring IoC/MVC/Data JPA etc) and they usually follow the same pattern: Controller classes --> Service classes (which have number ...
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Web server archicture

This may seem like an odd question but it's something I've yet to find a "proper" answer for. I've tried googling but I don't get anything useful (maybe I'm looking for the wrong terms). I'm ...
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Spring4 error handling and HTTP status codes returned for REST services

We are writing Spring4 based REST services and had a question about returned HTTP status codes. It looks like the generally accepted approach is to let the app server or web server container handle ...
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How to pass the entity's domain to the repository layer - clean architecture and spring JPA

According to Should I use a layer between service and repository for a clean architecture - Spring the Peristance layer is deprecated because the Repository is already an abstraction. UML solution of ...
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Creating webservices using spring-mvc. One project or multiple projects

Using spring mvc to create a restful api, Maven is build tool and tomcat with spring jars is deployment . Plan A: each webservice will be its own separate war file/project ? if required I would ...
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