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Serving large file (dozens of GB) to client from a server-side query to the Azure SQL database?

I have an SQL database in Azure that is ~4.5 TB / 150 million rows worth of data. Users will need to query this database for large sets of data. Right now, I am having users submit their requests ...
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Caching or in-memory table in Azure for performance

I am building an Angular web application that retrieves part of its data from a Azure SQL Database table via APIs developed in Azure Functions (with Azure API Management at the API Gateway). The data ...
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Manipulating a large dataset before inserting in Azure Search

I have an Azure SQL database with 20 million + records that i need to manipulate (including joining other tables, etc) before inserting into Azure Search. The procedure needs to be reproducible in ...
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how to work with variable data structures and templates

I need users to be able to create an organization which will have some preset fields such as Name, Address, and Type. But depending on the type, the organization can have type-specific fields such as ...
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Should we do data migration from Oracle via the microservices, or should we do direct data migration from Oracle to Azure SQL DBs?

We are replacing a legacy application that runs on a single Oracle DB, and the decision has been made to replace it with a microservices-based application running on Azure SQL. Do we do data ...
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Continuous Deployment Database Project VSTS

Looking for continuous deployment strategies regarding SQL server database projects targeting Azure SQL using VSTS. My scenario... Using VSTS for CI/CD Using a SQL Server Database Project to define ...
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Should I move to In-Memory tables and stored proc or NoSql (CosmosDB) [closed]

I have a lot of data. Objects with other objects nested like this (JSON): { id: 12, Code: "a code", country: "at", prices: [{ { price: 100, from "2017-05-05", to "2017-06-05" }, ...
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Questions about developing for azure

We currently have a .Net MVC web app with a SQL server back-end database and two web services that perform periodically some computing tasks in the database. I am thinking of packaging this app for ...
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Azure website that talks to third party services

I have website that crawls data from many third party services when user browse to webpage. This can be really slow because I hit third party server and process returned data before showing it to user....
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Synchronize Azure SQL (cloud) with Azure SQL Emulator (local)?

We have an Azure service (web role) that heavily depends on the database. For offline development/testing, we'd like to have the app+db run offline within the emulators. Running the webrole itself ...
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How to setup users for desktop app with SQL Azure as backend?

I'm considering SQL Azure as DB for a new application I'm developing. The reason I want to go with Azure is because I don't want to have to maintain yet another database(s) and I want my users to be ...
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Is there another name for Sql Azure's programming language?

According to this page on MSDN the sql language used on Sql Azure is called transact-sql (the same as on sql server). But is this the only way to refer to programming on Sql Azure? The Sql Azure ...
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