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Storing SqlAlchemy models for database with >20 tables

I'm working on a pet project for a web shop that uses SQLAlchemy (SA) and connects to a database with over 25 tables (thus, I have 25+ SA models - one for each table). What would be the best practices ...
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Splitting up large SQLAlchemy model

Anybody have advice on splitting up a large SQLAlchemy model into smaller parts? I have a ~2000 line model called Article that is becoming difficult to manage. We often have to scroll and scroll to ...
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Should integration tests of a repository pattern use low-level ORM calls

Problem summary: In an application with wrapper methods over SQLAlchemy add() and query() methods, can integration tests that use the add() method wrapper use the query() method wrapper to validate ...
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Database-driven application. Code pattern to establish relationships

I have an application that mostly is composed of forms that create, modify, read, and deletes tables and establish relationships. I use SQLAlchemy. If, for example, I need to create an invoice and ...
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How to organize ORM models and business logic

I have a Python application using SQLAlchemy. It uses around 15 database tables. For example, I have an image table that lists image files manipulated by the application. Most operations involving ...
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How to store articles (with text and images) in SQLAlchemy database

I'm working on a blog-like application with Flask and SQLAlchemy and I'm unsure how to store the blog posts (articles) in the database. These are going to contain text and images (placed between ...
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Flask/SQLAlchemy Object Classes across app layers

I’m looking for advice where the business logic and data layers in a Flask/SQLAlchemy-based app all use essentially the same object class. As an example, my app includes a task scheduler. Tasks ...
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Maintaining parallel libraries: Binary files access + Metadata Database ORM design

I'm dealing with a higher-level data abstraction that I would appreciate some input on. I'm working on an application that uses a large data lake. The data lake is consisted of thousands of large ...
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When using an ORM when should I sacrifice performance for convenience?

I work with SQL Alchemy a lot and, as a "lazy programmer", I enjoy the convenience it offers. But the "diligent programmer" in me often worries about optimisation and the performance of the queries ...
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Separate business logic from ORM models in SQLAlchemy

I have a Flask application with tens of complex models, almost all of them related to each other. A simple pseudo-schema of some of them: +----------------+ | FoodGroup | +-------+--------+ ...
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SQLAlchemy and DDD: It's own pattern?

While reading "Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design" by Nick Tune; Scott Millett (certainly not the first book on DDD I've read) I started to understand usage of Martin Fowler's ...
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