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Software Requirement Specification and diagrams

I'm a computer science student at some college out there but i'm a little confused with using the SRS and various diagram such as activity diagram or use-case diagram. I know the objective of the SRS ...
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What is Context Diagram in a SRS?

I am learning how to write a System Requirements Specifications, and most of templates I have seen talk of a Context Diagram. What exactly is a Context Diagram?
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4 votes
3 answers

Requirement refinement between two levels of specification

I am currently working on the definition of the documentation architecture of a system, from customers needs to software/hardware requirements. I encounter a big problem with the level of refinement ...
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SRS in scrum framework?

IN scrum , everything is written in terms of user , They are called user stories. For starting new projects in scrum , should one write SRS document ? Or just go directly for user stories . I did not ...
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How to write software requirements for an existing product

Over several years, a company developed a multi-disciplinary (firmware, software, hardware) product. No SRS (Software Requirements Specification) was ever written. A prospective customer now wants a ...
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Are there elements common to nearly every SRS?

An SRS is a staple of any serious contract work, and it can be incredibly dull for those who've never had the misfortune of needing to read one through in one go. I'm writing a series of document ...
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Who should provide the Requirement doc / SRS? [duplicate]

I am creating a Mobile application (CRM) for another software company. They told me they need these these stuff from here and there, within 15-30 minutes. But they never provided a detailed client ...
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UML use case and activity diagrams in SRS document

I'm writing a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document compliant with the standard IEEE-830-1998. I've also drawn a couple of UML diagrams, specifically a use case and an activity diagram. ...
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