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The process of altering or creating code to an agreed standard or the process of establishing that standard.

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How to design a region table for localization standardizations with multiple criteria

I am designing a database for localization standardizations. It contains Languages, Regions, Cultures, etc. For the region, I have a hierarchical structure that contains a name and a parent which is a ...
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Why exactly was the C++ convenience of not requiring a second declaration, removed?

See "Note" on second page: This convenience gave rise to serious inconsistencies and was removed several years ago The book was authored in 2003. What exactly does it mean by "...
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Why do so many standards for JSON API response formats contain a "success" property in the response body instead of just using HTTP status codes?

I was researching about best practices for standardised JSON response formats for APIs, according to various sources available online general consensus looks something like this: //Successful request:...
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Why follow standards of a voluntary organization?

I'm struggling to understand how, for example, the IETF is a "standards organization" but the standards are "voluntary" meaning there is no civil or criminal penalties for not ...
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Is a good practice using form tag's atributes in HTML?

Checkout this HTML using the attribute action, method and target from <form></form> tag: <form action="/action_page.php" method="get" target="_blank"> ...
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Document containing relevant data in meta-data

I find myself working with documents that need to be displayed to a user and at the same time, I need the information that they bear. For example, you have a generated PDF document (or other "...
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Coding standard for clarity: comment every line of code?

I've worked in shops that produce life critical software and I've dealt with commenting rules that were meant to keep the code readable and potentially save lives. In my experience though the ...
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How did the gets function ever make into the standard? [closed]

We all know the dangers of gets. It is also on the way out in C11. That makes me wonder: how did it ever get into the standard to begin with? Weren't the problems with it obvious at the time of ...
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What's the use of lint warnings vs errors? [closed]

I'm hoping someone who's given this some thought can help me understand. Most style-checking tools seem to distinguish between warnings and errors. To me, the point of a lint error is that a style ...
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Is Open Data Protocol (odata) Being Widely Embraced by the Development Community? [closed]

EDIT: In case you aren't familiar with OData, here you go. I am trying to determine whether it is worth learning this technology or if it is something that is not going to catch on. The premise is ...
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Is it poor practice to return different data types from alternative Web API endpoints?

Consider a Web API with an endpoint api\LargeItem A LargeItem is a pretty big object with lots of properties and long strings. A user can GET any one like so api\LargeItem\1 which returns the ...
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License that encourages improvements to the original version rather than own forks? [closed]

I'm looking for a license that should encourage changes to my original open source rather than encouraging forks and uncontrolled random redistribution. This is because of the nature of the code; it's ...
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Different operators in query string like ?var!=value

This one may actually be 2 questions in one. Studying some APIs I came across an api suggesting to have operand different from equal (=) inside the query string ( ...
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Is there a 'standard' SQL that can replace all the various custom versions?

I have been writing SQL for over 10 years now. I am extremely proficient at it and have experience working in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. While there are multiple standards out there, ...
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How comes the C++ standards committee introduces a keyword like nullptr and gets away with it? [closed]

That must have broken a lot of peoples code bases right? Everyone who had a variable named "nullptr" (which I think would have been fairly common) has to find "nullptr" and replace with "...
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Standardized Programming Languages

Is there an organization similar to W3C that creates standards for programming languages? If so, are there any programming languages, like browsers would using W3C standards, that implement these ...
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How far to go when standardizing code [duplicate]

My small team and I have created a decent sized web application (~50k lines), with a fully featured API, all in Perl. As us perl hackers know.. it is easy to get sloppy. We had to port over a lot of ...
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SQL-99 specification, is it specified to first order the result and limit it afterwards?

If I wrote this in MySQL SELECT * FROM foo ORDER BY bar LIMIT 1 it would first order the result and limit it afterwards. I always get the lowest bar. I wonder if this is specified like this in SQL-...
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The balance between client and server functionality

I want to bring the discussion that started in our teams and get your opinion about it. Assume we have an user account which could have different credentials for authentication and associated email ...
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Is there a de facto standard documentor for Javascript?

I'm trying to document my code using JSDOC3, that has a similar syntax to PHPDocumentator / Apigen. But is there a de-facto standard for Javascript inline documentation? I think Google Closure is the ...
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Creating a coding standards document

I work in a control systems company, where the primary work is SCADA and PLC, along with other control systems stuff. Software development is not really something the company does, apart from little ...
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Standardized code documentation format, where is it? [closed]

I'm currently looking into API documentation generation tools and I noticed that apparently there are no efforts going on in standardization. Javadoc style is kind of an ubiquitous convention... it ...
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Do you think we will ever settle on a "standard" platform? [closed]

The recent explosion of phone platforms has depressed me (slightly), and made me wonder if we will ever reach any kind of standard for presentation? I don't mean language or IDE. Different ...
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What standards to use in Business Process Modelling?

There are several approaches on how to model a business process in software applications (BPM software). For instance, a processes can be described in BPMN, EPC, IDEF0, SOMF, etc. Additionally, ...
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Is validating HTML a thing of the past? [duplicate]

With us moving continually closer to HTML5 in terms of adoption, is writing HTML for validity something the web is rejecting, allowing us to straddle standards as the web continues to be in a ...
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Standards in Enterprise Development

Is it perhaps time for enterprise systems to be developed to strict enforced standards? Many books list optional 'standards' and best practices, but these are purely suggested practices. Still, every ...
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Why are there so many competing filesystem designs? [closed]

Just a quick question, but why are there so many file systems still competing and in use today? (ntfs, fat32, ext3(ffs), etc) It seems that file system designers could agree upon the best aspects of ...
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Is C++0x Compatible with C?

I have heard that there will be a lot of changes done in C++ because of the new standard (C++0x). My question is: What are the major changes, and will C++0x be compatible with C++ 98 and C ?
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Defining a standard

How would you go about defining a standard? I am defining a protocol for a sort of thing that does not exist yet and I would like to create an RFC for it, and use a well-known port number provided by ...
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Deprecation considered harmful? [closed]

I've just been compiling some of my own code with the -std=c++0x flag in GCC, as I want to vaguely keep up with what all the young folks are doing (provided they stay of my lawn), and I ended up with ...
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What defines a standard?

What defines a standard like HTML5, C++0x, etc.? Is it just that you hand something in to W3C/ANSI/ISO/..., they produce a couple hundred pages long document and suddenly it's a standard? Can't I, as ...
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How do I go about writing a programming language specification?

I really enjoy programming language design. Sometimes I think my language projects and their potential users would benefit from a comprehensive standards document. I've looked at many language ...
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Are web parts good enough for exclusive development?

I have had the question posed at my work that, since we are planning to eventually move to Sharepoint 2010 for most of our Development, and since Sharepoint 2010 supports web parts, should we ...
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