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At what point a shopping cart can become deemed abandonded?

Let's take Shopify. They consider a shopping cart abandoned right after a customer has entered their email at the 1st step of checkout. I think it's wrong because a customer might need at least 5-10 ...
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When placing an order in a shop, should a snapshop be taken of the products in an order also? prevent messing up with data updates, such as prices, titles, of the products that are placed in an order. Namely, a customer buys 3 items: for $5, $10 and $33 and pays for them. All is well. ...
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Saving user searches to a database

My job is to come up with an implementation to save searches linked to an individual user, as well as the ability to analyze this data for business cases. The data will be used for users to see their ...
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What should be taken into consideration when creating a Sku framework?

I have to design a Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) for my downloaded products and I am looking for any advice on how to choose a standard. More specifically, I would like to know: Are there any character ...
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Storing user search terms

I have php application like airbnb. I want to store search values each time user search for listings. my number 1 solution would be storing it in mysql table, but I'm not sure its wise to do, if site ...
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Modeling database to store files and search its content

I have a functionality which I must deal. The requirement of a project is to transform papers to pdf and store this files. The main functionality is that the user is being able to search words in the ...
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Qt Quick dynamic QML vs Apple's App Store rules

Imagine that I've got a piece of custom audio hardware that I'd like to be able to control in a multitude of ways via a tablet/touchscreen GUI. In particular, my goals are to have the tablet's ...
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