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5 answers

User stories about one and the same functionality for two different roles

My team is building a solution where a mobile app communicates with a backend. I need to describe functionality where the communication between the app and the backend is optimized according to some ...
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How do you handle integrating code from multiple branches/developers each sprint?

Just got off a retro call where developers expressed concern around the integration of their stories into the master branch each sprint. The developers all code within their own branch and towards the ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How to compute scrum burndown chart when projects overlap?

In my team we have a multiple projects, some short term and some long term. The team is required to deliver these projects on different dates and the effort to deliver these is run in parallel with ...
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What should a proper Ready for Sprint definition contain?

Teams in our company deal with Product Owners who are in such a position that they cannot spend as much time with us, as we would like, to do proper Backlog Grooming. Thus in order to alleviate some ...
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How to write stories for internal projects

I'm working on a project which runs as a process, on a regular basis. The results of the projects daily run are used by other projects. This brings me to question how our team writes stories. The ...
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What to do with unfinished stories and tasks in SCRUM sprint?

We have unfinished tasks which are part of stories in sprint. They are not accepted by the PO. They must be included for the next planning of sprint. Obviously the stories must be moved, but what ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Should code from an incomplete story be removed from the build?

During the sprint review the product owner may say that a particular story is incomplete or the team itself may not have completed some committed tasks. In what situations do you leave the code in ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What is the best way to handle similar functionlaity in separate user stories / Product back Log Items?

I am using the TFS 2010 SCRUM template. So, let's say I have these user stories: As a user I want the ability to add contacts directly from the Partner page. As a user I want the ability to add ...
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7 answers

Can I use "user stories" for process improvement tasks?

We currently use JIRA to track our development work. My management wants to format and categorize everything as "User Stories," including non-software development related tasks. For example: "As a ...
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3 answers

Is it bad to do more than one story at a time in scrum?

Scrum's definition says that it should be done one story at a time. But, if the team is big enough (say 6+), there are some times where taking just one story is kind of questionable, and it is even ...
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10 votes
4 answers

How do you handle dependant stories in scrum?

In the company I currently work on, we've noticed that sometimes, some stories are bound to each other (as in too coupled). This might be that they belong to the same overall feature, or that they're ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Scrum Newbie: Internal Stories

I am trying to implement Scrum and have some basic questions. I understand creating stories to implement end user functionality, but where does a "meta-task" like collecting requirements for the ...
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