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String and Suffix Matching from a Suffix List

I'm having trouble finding an algorithm that matches (or fails to match) a substring of a string to a suffix from a list of suffixes. The hits I'm finding are for suffix trees and suffix arrays, but ...
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Algorithm to search very long blacklist in another very long data set

I have two data sets. The first data set has approx. 50.000 movie and song titles and the second one have 20.000 blacklist strings. I am looking for the best algorithm to detect movie/song title which ...
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Data Matching In VBA - Best way to deal with dynamic data and user entry?

Background I am currently building this project with VBA, just to keep in the back of your mind when thinking about my question. Imagine 2 adjacent blocks, in Excel. The first block is made up of ...
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Name matching in SWIFT messages

Here i am basically looking for performance improvement. I need to match names in a SWIFT message (Let's say MT 103) against sanctions lists (sanctions lists by UN, by OFAC, some custom lists) and ...
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phonetic algorithms for words that aren't surnames?

I've been doing a little research into algorithms for matching spelling mistakes in names. From Soundex through to metaphone and Beider-Morse. All of these algorithms generally focus on last names ...
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clustering of strings with variable-length prefixes

I've got bunch of strings with variable-length prefixes (or postfixes - I can always revert them) as follows: 0155555555 523455555555 755555555 ... 87129999999999999 119999999999999 09119999999999999 ...
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scrabble solving with maximum score

I was asked a question You are given a list of characters, a score associated with each character and a dictionary of valid words ( say normal English dictionary ). you have to form a word out ...
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Compare names and the use of Levenshtein's algorithm

I need to cross names from two lists. What is the best away to compare the names? As you may expect, in one list we can have the complete name, on the other just the first and last. Besides that, ...
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Similar problem to word break

I have a list of strings say L and an array of words say A. I want to find a string from the list L that is a best match to a string created from the permutations of the words in the array. The ...
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