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Why does C not support direct array assignment?

In C you cannot assign arrays directly. int array[4] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; int array_prime[4] = array; // Error At first I thought this might because the C facilities were supposed to be implementable with ...
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Is it a security vulnerability to declare class members as public?

I have always wondered whether public, protected, and private has security implications post compilation. Hypothetically: class Foo { public: int m_Foo; // Completely vulnerable and dangerous ...
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Why List<T>.Enumerator is struct?

During my investigations of List<T> enumeration I noticed List<T>.Enumerator is struct. In opposite for instance to System.Array.SZArrayEnumerator or System.SZArrayHelper....
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Struct or class for wrapping an int when 0 isn't a valid value

I have a business object which is basically a wrapper around a value of type int. There are some constraints for the value/object: Not every value in int's range is valid1 The valid values are not a ...
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Few unusual C/C++ declarations

I came across this Enum and Struct declarations in a project supposedly done by an expert. The declarations / definitions are little different than what im used to so far. enum EnumKeys { KEY_MENU ,...
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Rust and lifetime elision rules for structs?

In the Rust documentation, under the structs section, they give this example of how structs need lifetimes when they contain references: struct Foo<'a> { x: &'a i32, } because We ...
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When do you use a struct instead of a class? [closed]

What are your rules of thumb for when to use structs vs. classes? I'm thinking of the C# definition of those terms but if your language has similar concepts I'd like to hear your opinion as well. I ...
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