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Difference between sibling lists, left-child right-sibling binary tree and doubly-chained tree

The Wikipedia page for suffix trees descibes sibling lists as Each node has a pointer to its first child, and to the next node in the child list it is a part of. Wikipedia describes left-child right-...
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Smallest lexicographical rotation of a string using suffix arrays in O(n)

I will quote the problem from ACM 2003: Consider a string of length n (1 <= n <= 100000). Determine its minimum lexicographic rotation. For example, the rotations of the string “alabala” are: ...
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Are suffix trees and suffix arrays identical? What are the differences?

I have read some information through internet...i found that somehow suffix tree is quite similar to suffix array but somehow they are no the same thing.. Given a string, a suffix tree construction ...
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