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Also known as OpenAPI Specification is a specification for describing how to produce and consume RESTful web services.

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Is it legal for a RESTful API to provide different structures for a given resource? How should that be modeled?

I'm using swagger to prototype a RESTful API and I got to a situation where one property is part of a resource but not always should be filled. Let's say my resource is stores. Basic endpoints would ...
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How to properly version an API?

I'm designing an API for our web application, that will be consumed by mobile developers that will create our mobile app. I chose to document it using Swagger / OpenAPI 3.0.0. I'm surprised that when ...
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How to document REST API before coding

My team is working on a web application using Micro Service Architecture and Angular + Spring MVC. We follow Agile development. For each story, we create few implementation and test tasks. Documenting ...
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Workflow when using generated code

I'm working with Swagger to generate the API of my application. Swagger is an API specification language that can be used by a code generator to generate code stubs for your application. Obviously you ...
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Should I use swagger on all REST APIs?

I am looking to add Swagger documentation to my REST APIs but am wondering if it makes sense to add it to all APIs or not. Most of my APIs will only be used by a UI so if I expose for instance a POST ...
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What is the better way to save swagger code gen plugin generated model classes in spring boot maven application?

I am working on a spring boot maven project in Eclipse IDE. And here is my pom.xml. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project xmlns="
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Automate writing of API tests(postman or other)

I am currently using Postman, Newman and Jenkins to automate the process of testing API end points. The API is being written in Node.js and Express.js. Currently the tests I write with Postman are ...
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How to make rest api end points in swagger UI pre authenticated in Spring BOOT [closed]

I have written a spring boot rest API application with OAuth.I have integrated swagger UI for API documentation. I want the API endpoints on swagger UI to be accessible without an access token. This ...
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How to keep OpenAPI specification up-to-date and compliant without using code generators?

In our company, there is no standard for how to document APIs. Missing API documentation slows down the development process. Therefore, we want to introduce OpenAPI. We want to use code generators to ...
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Golang Design Pattern for Generating View Objects in a REST API?

I have moderate Golang experience and lots of experience in other programming languages such as Java, Python, Rust, Scala, and others. I'm comfortable with building REST services and most of the other ...
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