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Questions tagged [synchronization]

Maintaining several related processes, threads, objects or data in a consistent state. Not to be confused with replication.

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Design for syncing data from remote API

I am trying to find a robust and correct solution for syncing data from different sources to my local relational database. I have different sources of data for eg: CSV, REST API and probably network ...
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Some "intent"-related questions vis-à-vis Operational Transformation and CRDTs

I’m a little unclear on some questions relating to the "intent" part of concurrent collaboration algorithms (operational transformation and conflict-free replicated data types). Please help! Strings ...
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Vector clock conflict resolution in event sourced system via local timestamp - is this safe?

We have an occasionally connected, event sourced system: a budgeting application where each client can pull other client's event store from a separate storage (network share, dropbox,...). It is our ...
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Syncing structured data and files in Android App with an ORM?

I am developing an Android App which I have developed for iOS before. The app requires that structured data and files are synced across android devices. In iOS, I was using Core Data and synced to ...
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Breadth first event synchronization based on a frequency or time series

I have an interesting and problem I'm facing. I'm trying to maintain a set of metrics independently based off of a time frequency. Note: This is a simplification of the problem I've omitted pieces of ...
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Modelling network and persistent entity representations

I have an app where I need to synchronize some entities (simply download latest versions of entities from server to client). Entity has bunch of text properties and bunch of resource links (referenced ...
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If you run a function in a different thread, but you wait for it to finish in your main thread, is that function asynchronous?

Backstory Probably a stupid question, but I just have a sneaking suspicion that "asynchronous" is the wrong terminology to us for naming my template function here: template <class T> ...
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How to support text editing when the text has to be synchronized with fixed audio?

In my application, we record audio of people speaking, send this to a speech-to-text (STT) service, and present the text to the user for editing. Simplifying a bit, the STT service returns results in ...
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Client synchronization of authentication tokens in parallel connections

In my app server's authentication implementation, an authentication token is generated for every user that has logged in. According to some highly recommended security tips (Implementing Secure User ...
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Synchranization issue in async jobs created and finished before main thread ends

Main execution thread creates asynchronous job (started and executed by different process) that works on same data that the main thread. For example we create some database entries, that we want to ...
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Sync image files from network with mariadb-Database

i have as a mechanical engineering student in my practice semester to create a database that includes about 100k+ paths to images in our network. Every, lets say week, i have to synchronize all ...
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Fill Docker Container from existing remote database

I do have n nodes managed by Kubernetes, all of them running several containers. A container may contain a database alongside with an application. As containers should be stateless, all data within ...
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What is best approach to designing a local-to-cloud cloud-to-local Infrastructure?

I plan to have a cloud web application(CWA) and several local web application(LWA), let's assume 3 LWAs and 1 CWA. CWA === LWA. This web application would consist of a database server, file storage ...
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How to generate object Ids for both local and online storage?

My application has both offline (SQLite) and online (iCloud) storage. See: Offline First: How Do I Fetch Data? Now, as stated in my past question above, the application is offline first, and I'm ...
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How to arrange synchronicity reporting in an eventually consistent, distributed system?

Context: A typical corporate landscape with many systems located in different data centers, with firewalls, without uniformised interfacing. Some data X is being replicated for availability and ...
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Efficiently keep different data structures synchronised - tree, list of objects

Problem description I have a pet project to translate TEI XML to standoff JSON and back: and I am currently thinking about a rewrite/restructuring. ...
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Design solution for updating different lists with common items

I needed some design suggestions for a tricky workflow we have to implement in our system: At a basic level the application allows users to work on a "list" of "items" she cares about To work on any ...
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How state updates to existing instances/sessions are generally done?

This is a very broad question, but maybe someone has a worthwhile response. There is a general synchronization issue that often has to be solved, but always seems to be difficult. Here's an example: ...
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Is it possible to solve this synchronization problem using mutex and conditional variables?

I am trying to solve this synchronization problem in C to practice for my lectures of Operating Systems where we use POSIX and Linux. I've been trying for days to find an approach to this problem with ...
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Difference between inter-thread and inter-process sharing and synchronization

A) I know that threads of a process share logical address space . Therefore they share data by default. B) But if two threads of different processes want to share data ...then there are two options ...
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