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How the rope data structure works when doing syntax highlighting

I am looking into the Rope Data Structure, used by some text editors like the xi editor. I get the basics of how it works, and have seen some sample implementations such as here or here. But I am ...
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Why are background-colors not or rarely used for syntax highlighting? [closed]

I wonder why I rarely see any IDEs or other developers that use background colors for syntaxhighlighting. One of the first things when installing and configuring a new IDE is adjusting the colors so ...
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Why are dark color schemes in editors so popular? [closed]

Nowadays, almost everybody is using a dark color scheme in their code editor - dark background with light text. Even most web based editors (e.g on Github) feature dark color schemes. I honestly don'...
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How does google code prettify works? [closed]

I am using google code prettify. After a page renders, I decided to check how <code> and <pre> tags and their contents were manipulated. But in view source, I found no changes were made (...
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How to write a syntax checker [closed]

How is a syntax checker for a programming language written? I am guessing a grammar has to be written first. How to then proceed? Motivation I'm using a programming language (Apex for Salesforce) ...
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Logistically, how do you manage embedded SQL?

My current application is running into issues with its ORM, and we're relying on some pretty hairy SQL to express queries that the ORM can't. Are there best practices in terms of how to manage the ...
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Should I use non-standard tags in a HTML page for highlighting words?

I would like to know if it's a good practice or legal to use non-standard tags in an HTML page for certain custom purposes. For example: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. ...
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Syntax-highlighting color scheme studies

Most programmers have their own personal preferences for syntax-highlighting color schemes, but I've been wondering, has anyone ever done an actual scientific study on what the best color scheme would ...
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Python syntax highlighting on Codeplex

My .py files in a Codeplex (hg-based) repository don't show up with the nice syntax highlighting as they do for C and C++ when I browse the code on the web. Is there a way to change the syntax ...
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Building a common syntax and scoping framework

Hello fellow programmers, I was discussing a project the other day with a colleague of mine and I was curious to see what others had to say or if such a thing already existed. Background There are ...
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