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Why does linux require that newly added syscalls be supported permanently?

I was reading some of the documentation for the linux kernel and I stumbled upon an article about adding new syscalls to the linux kernel. The article essentially says that any syscall in the linux ...
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In vertical slice architecture, how can I deal with entities/repositories that are used in multiple slices?

I'm trying to group the components of my system by funtionality. This is the analysis class diagram of my system model. A service class that involves a Post entity might necessarily interact ...
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How can I merge between two software architectures in software design? [closed]

I need to know what types can be merged together like can I merge MVC and layered architecture? so please can someone list what types can be merged together, and an example on how to merge. Can I ...
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Is using web sockets between client-server to tranfer files the right approach? ( when multiple users connected on the same socket connection )

I am currently designing a system that lets users connect their Cloud Storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc and also to their physical filesystem (personal laptop/ ftp server etc.) and then can ...
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Which Software Architecture am I using? XAMPP, Apache, MySQL, PHP Android

I use XAMPP to host an Apache web server and a MySQL database. Most of the data processing is done on the user's mobile phone. After a certain activity, information of the user is sent to the web ...
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How to design realtime deeplearning based application for robotics using python?

I have created a machine learning software that detects objects(duh!), processes the objects based on some computer vision parameters and then triggers some hardware that puts the object in the ...
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Optimal cases for container oriented architecture

Its a growing practice to run applications into containerized environments which provide an abstraction to the operative system resources. There already are reads about container overhead in certain ...
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Does a framework like the Spring Framework fall under the Data Centric Architecture?

With all the talk of Microservices with Domain Driven Design, I have been looking at two architectures, the Database-Centric Architecture and the Domain-Centric Architecture (Not to be confused with ...
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Is serverless architecture a good fit for Django Rest Framework app?

I am building a web/mobile application with Django Rest Framework (DRF) that enables authenticated users to post snippets and/or vote for other user's snippets. All users (authenticated or not) can ...
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Handling common code among presenters

I'm facing some issues related to code duplication when following MVP architectural pattern in an Android project that I'm working with. My project structure is separated by packages: data, domain, ...
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How does global load balancing work?

How does a highly scaled company serve users on the opposite end of the world? Take Facebook for example (headquartered in California). If someone hit their endpoints from a place like South Africa, ...
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What is the best serial port connection strategy

I am developing a program that polls a device for actvity. In the past I have always used a USB device with a pure USB device driver. The upside of this was that that device was blazingly fast. The ...
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Appropriate Design for MDM Solution

Design Problem: A department aligned system (an application/UI and database, which we'll call System A) is used to manage both customer information and customer transactional data like orders, charges,...
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Clean Architecture - How to go from "Database Driven" to "Independent of Database" [closed]

I am looking for some clarity and hopefully some advice on writing clean architecture for a large system. My Companies "Web Solution" is +-10 years old, my job is to rewrite it. It is written across a ...
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Send more data, or do client processing?

I have a conceptual problem that I want feedback on. First and foremost, the layout of my system. It contains a server, with many clients connected to it. The clients get fed data from the server at ...
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What would be the market life of a JVM based software framework? [closed]

I saw how Struts 1 lasted from 2000 to 2013. I hear that people are moving from Struts 2 to Spring. But for a project that may need to be maintained for a decade or two, would it be advisable to opt ...
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New PHP project, how to best architect it

I have already done a PHP project, and I did a number of things pretty wrong :) I just had all pages as scripts with php mixed in with html. I also wasn't using a framework like cakephp. And I didn't ...
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