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Integration VS System Testing on Embedded system demo

My company develops embedded systems and they have a project where they are developing a new platform which will be used to do demos for potential clients. They are introducing a new technological ...
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When designing a system, is it best practice to cater the design around the framework you will be using?

When developing a system or application that you plan to use with a certain framework, is it best practice to design the system without the framework in mind, or is it better to design the system with ...
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What exactly is “computer systems”? [closed]

My professor made a comment today - "...They've been having trouble with filesystem performance, and since they're more graphics guys, they asked us systems guys to help out...". What exactly is "...
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Monitor Process

I have some previous posts talking about how to use python to "do something" when a record is inserted or deleted into a postgres database. I finally decided on going with a message queue to handle ...
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What responsibilities does a Management Information Systems job entail? [closed]

At my school there is apparently a Computer Science degree, which is located under the "department of natural sciences", while Management Information Systems is considered "business". Besides the ...
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Does your organization still use the term "screens" to describe a user interface?

I have been in the field long enough to remember when the term "screen" entered our lexicon. As difficult as it is to believe, the early systems on which I worked had no user interface (UI). These ...
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