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Tagging is the act of marking a specific revision in source control with an identifier for future reference.

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Should tags be introduced on commits still in Pull Request branches outside of main/master branch?

Context: I am working on a project in which people use tags on commits yet in branches waiting on the Pull Requests queue of GitHub. This means they are non-merged to the main branch yet. The problem ...
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How to properly manage bugfixes for released versions in git flow

We follow git flow, see Lets imagine the following situation: We have a current version 2.0.8 on our prod environment. After a while, several ...
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Best GIT approach to educational project

I am working on a course design and I'm preparing the project that the students will have to work on all along the course. Each student will create a GIT repository a the beginning of the course and ...
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Using tags instead of different branches

Git flow recommends to have separate branches .i.e. main/master --> production deployable code Development branch gets created from main/master --> active development branch (integration branch) ...
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using git, bringing old tagged releases up to date

I have a git repository with a long history. Releases were tagged along the master branch over time. If a user wants to go back and check out an old tagged release, they do not have the advantage of ...
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When should a commit not be version tagged?

Context: I recently found out about Semantic Versioning, and am trying to determine how to best use it practically for my own projects. Given that semver takes major changes, minor changes, and ...
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What is the better search system, user defined tags or pre defined attribute fields?

I'm developing a marketplace application that will eventually list a large number of different types of items. Currently our search system (powered by Algolia) is built on pre defined attribute ...
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Is manually tagging content an ideal start for eventual machine learning?

I'm putting together a mobile app that would allow users to search, rate, and upload photos of dishes at restaurants. I have no machine learning experience (just FE/BE/Mobile) so for the time being I ...
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Divergent Bodies of Truth, Relationships of Concepts

A recent endeavor of mine requires asking users how related two concepts are. Example: Kiwi and Fruit. Identical? Fairly Similar? Rather different? Unrelated? It occurs to me that for certain ...
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Is it bad practice to create a git tag for every successful continous deployed build?

Currently we are using a tag for every build on master which passes CI. This leads to a lot of tags (3-10 per day). The good side is, that those commits are easily human readable, show the version (v....
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Can tags have values?

I'm designing a system where items can have tags, which is easy enough. The problem is we also need items to have arbitrary attributes. For example, an item could have an attribute called "Length" ...
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Isn't there a substantial problem with SVN tags?

A common practice for SVN tags is to tag different releases in order to be able to find them with ease later. As I understand it, tagging is the same thing as branching, that is in two cases, it just ...
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In git, how to do versioning for a dozen libraries all worked at in parallel

We are doing projects, but we reuse a lot of code between the projects and have lots of libraries that contain our common code. As we implement new projects we find more ways to factor out common code ...
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Why does Git have tags?

I've read Git branching and tagging best practices and git tagging comments - best practices, but I don't see a direct answer to something I've wondered for a long time: Why does Git have tags? (...
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Advantage of Tagging a Release in SVN versus Only Leaving a Comment for the Commit

In my company, we have had a policy of tagging every release. Someone new joined, and he suggested that instead of formally using a Tag, we could just leave a comment for the release build when it is ...
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git tagging comments - best practices

I've adopted a tagging system of x.x.x.x, and this works fine. However, you also need to leave a comment with your git tag. I've been using descriptions such as "fixes bug Y" or "feature X", but is ...
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How to model hashtags with nodejs and mongodb

Existing architecture: nodejs server with mongodb backend. I have strings coming in describing images that can have #hashtags in them. I wish to extract the hashtags from the strings, store the ...
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Specifying Author in Source Code in a Commercial Product

Usually there is an @author tag in API documentation (JavaDoc, PHPDoc etc). Is it acceptable to use this tag on every function you make in a commercial product?
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What's the difference between using RDFS/OWL versus XML?

I was wondering what advantages the ontology languages of RDFS/OWL has over using a tagging/markup system (such as for managing and creating metadata?
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Should I use non-standard tags in a HTML page for highlighting words?

I would like to know if it's a good practice or legal to use non-standard tags in an HTML page for certain custom purposes. For example: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. ...
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Can I use the concept of 'tags' (derived from StackExchange sites) in a personal project? [closed]

I have a small personal project that I expect will be viewed by, at most, about 5 people. 'Tags', as used on this site and StackOverflow, would be helpful. Can I explicitly use something called a Tag ...
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Tags or specify revision?

At my company, we have your typical svn structure. Each project has branches, tags and trunk. repo -Project A * trunk * branches * tags -Project B * trunk * branches * tags -Project C * ...
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Database design for tagging system

I'm creating a system where items will have one or more tags. Now there will be an item table that will store each item, and a tags table, that will store all tags used in the system. My question is:...
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Should you bother with SVN branches if you only ever have one?

If we only work with one branch in Subversion, should we even bother? Can't we just work on the trunk to speed things up? This is how we develop with Subversion: There is a trunk We make a new ...
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How can I make tagging work for the concept of "all"?

There's an approach to organising information that says that hierarchy is a tool of the devil, or at least is overrated. I've embraced this understanding for a data-driven site I'm working on which ...
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