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Questions about organizing tasks or assigning responsibilities for tasks.

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I have several user stories which will be provided by a new application, where do I detail setting up the new application itself? [duplicate]

We have a feature like "new command-line query tool" and stories like: As a user, I can do X As a user, I can do Y As a user, I can do Z Where/how do I detail "create the test harness ...
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Is it agile friendly to propose equal distribution of dev tasks at the beginning of the sprint?

My question is about Agile and if there is a known technics to split "equally" dev tasks between developers. In a backlog, at the beginning of the sprint, our devteam is asked to take tasks ...
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In which order perform tasks from big backlog

I have a big backlog of tasks gathered during last years. And new tasks are added occasionally. All tasks have the same priority and tasks never expire over time. I was thinking of the reasonable way ...
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Best algorithm to sort tasks by priorities by a human

I have developed a task management tool. And some task lists can be very large. (I have myself more than 300 tasks to do). I would like to do some task reviews from time to time as the tasks pile up ...
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How do I break down a feature that has complex dependencies?

Picture this feature: Respond to a user from the event stream The event stream is like Twitter's home page, a stream of messages or events that were triggered by any number of users. The feature ...
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What are the disadvantages of performing task breakdown before story estimation?

I have trouble with some of this jargon so I apologize if I misuse some of it. In my past experiences Story Estimation (planning poker estimating how difficult/complex certain tasks will be with ...
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Shared Development Tasks for Agile User Stories

My team is going to be using Visual Studio Team Services for an upcoming project. The Agile tools let me organize User Stories and Tasks hierarchically like this: Epic > Feature > User Story > Task/...
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Organizing effectively the project

One of our assignments is to write a website which should use a database. I would like to have some help organizing it. Here are characteristics of our work. The assignment is for a group of 5 people....
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How to approach hours forecasting

I need to forecast budgeted hours for 2 departments to help them schedule staff as currently the best they can do is just wing it. When we receive a job proposal I'll have the person submitting the ...
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Is there a practical way to manage a physical task board if one or more scrum team members works remotely?

I've convinced a few colleagues to try scrum with me, but one of them works remotely. We'd like to try using a physical task board. I think we might be able to pull it off by snapping a photo and ...
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Help, team members out of tasks want to start with future sprints topics

I have this problem, a team with 4 members working under scrum, with specific skills each one of them: Person A) DBA with reporting skills Person B) DBA with stored procedure skills and a very deep ...
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How to break up a programming project into tasks for other developers? [closed]

I have recently joined a development project and was suddenly given the job of lead developer. My primary responsibility is to break up the programming part of the project into tasks, give these tasks ...
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Categorize tasks/bugs by risk of changes

The project I'm currently working on has an issue: bugs and tasks are often assigned to people who are too new or too inexperienced and their work ends up producing more bugs down the road. The ...
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Using an issue tracker as a single programmer [closed]

If this is tl;dr, scroll down to "The Question" Why this is not a duplicate: The linked question talks about version control (which I have), a one step build script (which I have) and to &...
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How can I convince my client that the task was complex and the time I took is fair?

I am the single programmer working on a website handling both frontend and backend. Recently in my task list I have to provide a social news feed (activities among friends) which should summarize ...
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How can I introduce QA and break it into parts for various people?

I was recently asked how to do this, specifically: How to introduce QA into an organization? How to break up QA into parts that others can do ? How to prioritize what needs QA? How to determine what ...
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Simple task framework - building software from reusable pieces

I'm writing a web service with several APIs, and they will be sharing some of the implementation code. In order not to copy-paste, I would like to ideally implement each API call as a series of tasks, ...
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How to organize projects in Redmine? [closed]

I deployed a Redmine installation yesterday and today I try to fill it with some relevant data. One issue I came across is the organization of projects itself. While I took a look at how Redmine ...
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Should I fix small issues or let them go? [closed]

I ran into the following issue where a keyboard shortcut I was used to was no longer working in Ubuntu. That's just an example. For programming, this kinds of thing happens a lot, but it also happens ...
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Task ownership with Wordpress - CSS - Designer or Developer?

We have a dispute regarding who owns which tasks when it comes to the CSS on our live site. Our designer argues that he is not responsible to log-in to word press and modify the css or use ftp for ...
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Scrum: How to work on one story at a time

I was nominated as scrum master in a new formed scrum team. We have already done some sprints. In the beginning I tried to make my team to work on one story at a time. But it didn't work. My team had ...
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How to split & manage projects

I started a project (a Windows based timetable program that helps you stay organised with your subjects and assignments). The problem is that I'm not sure how I should manage this project and what ...
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What is an effective way to organize tasks for a new project?

Is there a practical solution to organizing the initial tasks for a new project? To elaborate, imagine the features/stories/goals are laid out for a project. How might one go about organizing those ...
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Maintaining Organization When Designing Software

I've been trying for years to come up with a good way to organize the massive amounts of notes and material I generate when designing, coding, and testing software. My desk is usually overflowing with ...
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Project managers: Do you encourage any sort of task division between morning and afternoon?

I haven't read about this anywhere, but here are my thoughts: programming is inherently intellectually hard. I remember reading in Code Complete something that stuck with me: the author pushing and ...
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How to deal with changes that need further testing while working on another test?

TDD means to test before you start writing production code. So I start writing a test for MyClass called MyClassTest. It fails and I start to implement the wanted functionality in MyClass. During the ...
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