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TDD stands for Test-Driven Development, or Test-Driven Design. It is the practice of writing a unit test before writing code to satisfy it, in what is known as the Red-Green-Refactor cycle.

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Test-first iterative development in Common Lisp environment

Given: I want to practice proper test-first, continuous delivery-style software development in Common Lisp environment. Problem: How each red-green-refactor iteration of the process should look like?...
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Pattern for retrieving batches of Objects?

This seems to be a recurring requirement for me, so I'd like to get some feedback on how to implement it and what sort of test code makes sense. I need to retrieve batches of data and stitch it ...
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Should I TDD correct view returned from controller?

I have been reading the following Uncle Bob post on TDD. He explains that there are cases where TDD is not needed. Mainly in a case where your tests and code are both very specific, and your code is ...
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Writing a gem supporting compiled languages with Rake. How to test?

I want to create a gem that extends the functionality of Rake, creating commands for compiling .NET code.* Basically, I want to be able to write a Rakefile like this: desc "Build main executable" ...
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Page pattern in Angular 2 Testing documentation

I'm familiar with the Page Object Pattern from doing Selenium tests. It seems to me like the Angular 2 team has borrowed this concept in their testing documentation. But I feel like this is not ...
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Checking a related aggregate existence is Domain concern?

This is my specific situation: I am following DDD and Event sourcing to implement my application (using C#). I have a Domain layer that contains Aggregates' implementation. I write unit tests for this ...
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How to do test-driven front end development?

I'm trying to rapidly develop my frontend, but every time I change my code I find myself refreshing my browser and running some macro to test whether the changes in my code solved the problem. I ...
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How many functional tests to write?

It is quite easy to cover your code by writing tests first using TDD and you know that when to stop once you implemented a feature. For me it is trickier to decide how many functional tests to write ...
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Testing Application Helper that Depends on Controller

I am working on practicing TDD/BDD/ATDD and I am working on a rails application. I created a helper method that depends conditionally on the type of controller being tested. module ApplicationHelper ...
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TDD Implementation

How do you successfully adopt TDD in an organization? Training alone is not enough in my opinion as I feel it requires a change in process and mindset. If TDD has been implemented in your organization ...
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