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DDD for team composition

I have been asked by the BA/PM community in my company how DDD/domain modelling can be used as a tool when deciding how to form, split teams and how to decide their missions. I have my own thoughts on ...
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Software Development Team Roles [closed]

While it is an undeniable truth that there is no formula for the perfect team mainly because different projects might require different roles and skills, there should be some pretty common elements to ...
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How to harness the chaos within the development team?

I'm a rather experienced software developer. I worked with many teams and projects throughout my career so far. The recent two projects, however, challenged me in an unusual way. Namely: they were ...
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How to keep consistency across the application architecture as a team grows?

As the sole developer in a startup, I had the luxury of being able to make a lot of decisions in the architecture and frameworks of our application. Fast forward 4 years and an acquisition later, I ...
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How to make the working habits/personality traits of a team more transparent? [closed]

We are a recently formed team of 4 developers, some of them new to the company, some of them assembled from other, disbanded teams. I would like to know my team members better, how they "tick", how ...
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How to select a team for a new website development project [closed]

I am promoted to team lead position in my organization. Previously I was working as senior software developer or senior software engineer. Now company want to build their own product which is a ...
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What options does a disciplined developer have when joining a team of undisciplined developers as a regular member, not a lead? [closed]

What options does a disciplined developer have when joining a team of undisciplined developers? Based on an environment of bad developers and a lack of software development infrastructure to guide ...
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Is it a good idea to use a kitchen-sink server for various services?

My (new) development team is setting up its software development environment. I won't describe the whole scenario, since that's another, much-maligned question. Anyway, we're going to have services ...
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Bogarting the Data Access Layer

Situation: The dba is an offsite contractor who keeps the entire DAL code checked out in TFS. It would be nice as the front end developer to be able to add columns, and tweak procs and whatnot, ...
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What could be a good team building activity to improve estimation skills? [closed]

I'm putting together a presentation to deliver to some of my teammates (all developers), and I'd like to include a short team building activity that focuses on improving estimation skills. Does anyone ...
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Helping a new programmer become more self-proficient and not ask me so much?

I'm currently working on a project with a new programmer. How do I help him speed up his work? He often asks me questions, and I pair programmed with him in backbone.js (a part of the project). Now I ...
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Inspiring a co-worker to adopt better coding practices?

In the Handling my antiquated coworker question, various people discussed strategies for dealing with coworkers who are unwilling to integrate their workflow with the team's. I'd like, if possible, to ...
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How to run developer team meetings?

Our team of 10 developers meet weekly. The meetings are rather boring and not particularly useful. What format/agenda do you utilize to have good meetings? We meet weekly in the conference room with ...
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Continuously Improving output of a team

I am having my own software service company, DIGICORP and I am leading a team of 10 developers. The total company size is of around 50 persons. We are four friends who have started this venture from ...
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How to foster intrinsic motivation in a software team [closed]

Jeff Atwood's blog post on Amazon's Mechanical Turk suggests that it should not offer monetary rewards but rather intrinsic motivation, "motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the ...
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How can I manage a central repository of documentation?

Our team works with a large number of different APIs and services, and we also have our own internal tooling and services we maintain as well. Right now, we do not have a good centrally managed ...
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What are the main things a programmer expects from the senior programmer?

Recently I read the following 5 Types Of Bosses and How To Deal With Them , which describes the attires of the worst boss. I've just started leading a small team of software developers. I would like ...
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Project In A Week / development bootcamp [closed]

Our team is thinking of doing a "Project In A Week" (bootcamp), and I'm interested to know if anyone else has experience of doing this or has any advice? The idea behind it is to get away from the ...
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Are there reasons other than budget for hiring "entry-level" programmers? [closed]

Are there reasons other than budget for hiring "entry-level" programmers?
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Who should determine team size?

Developers, managers, or customers? I was recently involved in a situation where I felt like the customers were arbitrarily demanding for more developers on a team which already had too many ...
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Essential roles for web application team

Some friends of mine came up with an idea for a web application which we (so far) think could be great. I made the analysis and all the early stages of the development process and I'm about to start ...
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Growing mobile developers inside a web development org

I work for a "mature web startup" as a web developer (mainly using PHP). Our main site has about 8 million registered members at the moment. However, the site is basically impossible to use on ...
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How to pick a great working team? [closed]

I've just finished my master and I'm starting to dig into the laboral world, i.e. learning how programming teams and technology companies work in the real world. I'm starting to design the idea of my ...
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