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Technical writing refers to writing on programming and technical-related topics.

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Idea for a physics–computer science joint curriculum and textbook [closed]

I want to write (and have starting outlining) a physics textbook which assumes its reader is a competent computer programmer. Normal physics textbooks teach physical formulas and give problems that ...
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How does one write a book on a new framework? [closed]

How are authors able to write a book on a framework that is just released? A framework like spring is updated, and a book is released in the next day. Is this typically by people who are direct ...
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JIRA Ticket Best Practices: How to write a good JIRA ticket [closed]

We "use" JIRA as our ticketing system, but "use" is a real stretch. We have no standards, no templates, no "best practices" documentation for writing a proper JIRA ticket. So I'm spearheading the ...
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What is a good rule of thumb to do technical writing that doesn't confuse people

Sometimes I'm such a nerd that not even nerds understand me, or rather, sometimes I cannot put stuff in understandable and simple-enough terms... and sometimes I can but cannot really tell until after....
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Is there a standard way to refer to items inside a menu when writing documentation?

At several times in the past while writing software documentation -- including user manuals, user stories, bug reports, test cases, and emails to users/colleagues -- I've needed to be able to refer to ...
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Who should write the Technical Design Document? The BA or the Developer? [closed]

I work as a Snr. BA in a large Manufacturing company and I've just implemented a new Requirements Management Process. We have a large range of internal developers who in the past have never been ...
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How do I write, review and coach better English language in documentation?

My job regularly involves writing and reviewing (in the form of pull requests) English prose in the documentation for our internal system, which solely faces other developers, in a strongly American ...
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Formulate release notes consistently

In my project, I came across understanding that writing release notes is both helpful and necessary. However, it is not required by my management and I keep these files virtually to myself. You could ...
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Given-when-then template for docstrings

Tests can be very nicely written down using the given-when-then style. Are there similar styles / templates for describing methods and classes in docstrings? To clarify: There are many sites which ...
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An expression in the first line of the control flow statement

Is there a term or some short wording to refer to an expression in the "first" line of the control flow statement? func() { if (a == b) { var = 1 + 1 return True } else { var ...
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