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How to organise the correct handling of versions of binaries

I'm currently working in a firm, based on an executable, who uses different DLLs. There are several issues: Everybody builds the binaries on his own PC. The executables (*.exe and *.dll files) are ...
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Moderate discussion on choice of programming language

Assume you have a small set of suitable programming languages (e.g., Python, C++, Julia), a clearly defined task (development of software services in the context of computational sciences), and a team ...
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Technical perspective vs managerial perspective in software failures [closed]

I am learning about various causes that lead to software failures. So far, two prominent causes of failures seem to be managerial and technical. An example of the resources I have looked at is this ...
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Mitigating frontend framework lock-in fears

My team is about to build a new user interface. The team has skills in a range of client-side and server-side technologies. Half the team argue for ASP.NET MVC, and half the team argue for a ...
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Is cloud computing mainly just a marketing term?

I understand the concept of cloud computing, but I'm curious why the term has become so exhausted the past several years. Servers have been around for a long time, and I fail to see how this is any ...
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Sync local database with remote

My client has a business which work mostly in remote areas where internet felicity is limited, We have a central database and the branches in remote areas need to connect to the central database. We ...
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How to figure out if a certain technology/library is used in development of a proprietary application [closed]

Not sure if the question is relevant here, but basically it is expressed on the title. I'm curious to know if a certain library/technology is used in a proprietary software. How can I satisfy my ...
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Data Types Based Database

I was wandering if there exists some kind of database that organises data based on some declared type rather than tables or collections. I'll try to explain better with an example. Let's say I have ...
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User stories - how to include technology?

In the last few months I spent a lot of time arguing about the role of technical considerations when developing user stories. In my point of view, a lot of stories are not really debatable without ...
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Access Code Structuring For Enterprise Software

I have just finished an iOS application for a company that will be sold commercially to schools and other organizations for a flat rate with an access code. I was wondering if anyone has had any ...
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Should we try to be as technology agnostic as much as possible?

It is true that we cannot be 100% technology agnostic when we are using a framework or tool, we will be always at least 20% dependent on the tool or framework. The thing is that I feel better if I ...
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Confusion with Seamless technology to load cloud content in local without loading in memory

Recently, I've gone through techcrunch article where it says, Dropbox is working in Project Infinite technology which allows to load cloud content in local PC without actually storing in memory/drive ...
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JSP without .jsp-files?

I have a little project (a CMS) that was developed using .jsp-files in 2006. I moved in 2011 to JSF and had only one .jsp-file for the frontend. In 2014 I integrated the backend into the frontend ...
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How to learn new technologies in short period of time? [duplicate]

The title says it all. I'm a .NET programmer, working mostly on WPF applications with C#. But I need to be familiar with latest web development technologies, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, ASP.NET MVC, ...
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How Microsoft Market DotNet? [closed]

I just read an Joel's article about Microsoft's breaking change (non-backwards compatibility) with dot net's introduction. It is interesting and explicitly reflected the condition during that time. ...
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Is there a name for web applications that do most of the navigation on the client side?

Does the web industry have any standard or common name that refers specifically to web applications that don't use the conventional window-HTTP-navigation model, instead relying on mostly or wholly on ...
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What skills (technologies) get outdated slower? [closed]

It's a common knowledge that since the IT industry develops very quickly, most of the skills get outdated fairly rapidly: jQuery, .NET, Ruby on Rails, etc. They change all the time so that it is ...
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How to manage with less technical knowledge? [closed]

I've become a project manager in my company and here is what I've experienced till now: At first, I was trying to keep in shape technically with other developers of the team (about 15 developers) and ...
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What concepts/technologies should an ASP.NET developer be familiar with [duplicate]

I am in the process of filing in the gaps in my knowledge so that I can become a better developer. I am an ASP.NET developer and I sometimes need to do pure back-end stuff too. I ahve compiled a list ...
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What are the advantages of a client/server architecture in webapplications as opposed to a server generated frontend application

In our company, we need to build a web interface onto an embedded Linux platform. I kind of see 2 options: You use a technology where the HTML and JavaScript is generated on the server side (Think JSP,...
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Why didn't "cloud computing" offer appear earlier?

Cloud computing is a model of renting resources - servers and data storage. Both servers and data storage have been around for much more than a decade so far. Yet cloud computing offers only appeared ...
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How can uTorrent be multi-platform while keeping such a small binary size?

Nowdays it turned into a bloated client that works in Mac, Linux, and Windows, while still keeping the whole program in a single binary file that weighs only 876 kb, while competitors that use gui ...
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Learning new programming languages and technologies [closed]

Some time ago I was to learn iOS development at my work. I didn't manage to learn it because I was moved to more important task with another technology already familiar to me. But the short time I ...
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Considering JCR as a NoSQL solution?

I'm evaluating some NoSQL solutions for a project of mine and JCR popped up during my searches as a document store. But it seems somehow of an obscure niche which didn't have the impact its designers ...
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What were the historical conditions that led to object oriented programming becoming a major programming paradigm?

What were some of the economic (and other historical) factors that led to object oriented programming languages becoming influential? I know that Simula started things off, but was the adoption of OOP ...
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How to choose the most suitable technologies for your project?

While architecting the system, often you have to choose the appropriate technologies to be used for every module. What are the different parameters to be considered while choosing the technologies/...
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Use the latest technology or use a mature technology as a developer?

I would like to develop an application for a group of people to use. I have decided to develop using python, but I am thinking of using python 2.X or python 3.X. If I use python 2.X, I need to upgrade ...
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How can I justify a technology over another? (Java over .NET)

We are working in a Java/.NET company and my team and I are planning a project for a client. One of the requirements is that the project has to be done in .NET I've asked about this requirement, ...
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Ways of integrating legacy applications

My company is one which has grown up rapidly over recent years in multiple territories. We are not a software company per se, but a technical one who have developed various bespoke applications ...
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Technology Selection for a dynamic product

We are building a product for Procurement Domain in JAVA. Following are the main technical requirements. Platform Independent Database Independent Browser Independent In functional requirements ...
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Why do programmers still use mailing lists? [duplicate]

Why do many open source projects collaborate primarily through mailing lists rather than through, say, forums? I may be ignorant in my assessment, but I, along with my communication teacher, think ...
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How do you convince coworkers/stakeholders to try new technologies? [closed]

I've got a coworker/manager/stakeholder who is very conservative when it comes to adopting new technologies. I completely understand why: we have a lot of internal expertise with Java, MySQL/Postgres, ...
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Technology/Programming mailing lists How do you manage? [closed]

Email Alerts, Blog /Forum updates, discussion subscriptions general programming/technology update emails that we often subscribe to.Do you actually read them ? or go direct to the source when you find ...
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Best way for a technical manager to stay up to date on technology

My manager asked for a list of technical blogs he should follow to stay current on technology. His problem is he keeps hearing terms that he hasn't heard of (i.e. NoSql, sharding, agure, sevice bus, ...
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How important is Domain knowledge vs. Technical knowledge?

I am working on a Trading and Risk Management application and although from a C# background, I have been asked to work on SSIS packages. Now I can live with that. The pain point is that there is too ...
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Frameworks for targetting multiple environments

What should drive the decision behind doing development upon one or more than one framework? For instance, an ERP is (mostly) run on a Windows station. It leverages full access to device's resources, ...
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Weekly technology meeting?

I am thinking of introducing weekly technology meeting where programmers working on the same project can discuss things like: current status of the project on technical side technology backlog. ...
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Is software innovation still primarily North American and European? Why, and for how much longer? [closed]

Since this site is read by a global audience of programmers, I want to know if people generally agree that the vast majority of software innovation - languages, OS, tools, methodologies, books, etc. - ...
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Do you have any “Family Feud” style questions and answers for a game for high school students?

I am gathering questions and responses in math, science, and technology for a "Family Feud" style game for high school students. I am having trouble finding and thinking of questions, especially in ...
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If you got to rebuild Pandora from scratch, what technology stack would you choose? [closed]

Requirements: many different user experiences: website, mobile, etc. user management, registration, roles large amount of music metadata genome search that finds closest music public and private ...
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Going from cutting edge to maintaining legacy projects [closed]

I have an Access 03 program with a bunch of VBA code that is in use and the end user wants new functionality. I am finding it very difficult to add new functionality because my brain wants to use the ...
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Is COM truly dead?

I have previously worked on COM, however I have observed for quite sometime that hardly any company asks for COM exp. Is COM dead or reports of its demise are highly exaggerated?
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How do you deal with over-the-head APIs/technology

I guess most people have been in this situation. The initial project planning begins. The requirements are outlined. After architectural review and sorting through APIs/Frameworks the fitting ...
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Plagued by indecision - how to choose technologies to use for projects? [duplicate]

I have always been fascinated with the newest and best technologies available. I graduate from college this year, and over the course of the past few years, I have spent a lot of time learning new ...
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What's the worst technology decision you have ever seen? [closed]

This includes architecture decisions, platform choices or any situation where a such a bad choice led to negative consequences.
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Has programming for a living ruined your ability to enjoy technology? [closed]

To quote Arthur C. Clarke: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Used to be I looked on technology with wonder and amazement. I wanted to take it apart, understand ...
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