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Questions tagged [telecommuting]

According to Wikipedia, Telecommuting, remote work, or telework is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work.

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9 votes
5 answers

Is there evidence that developers working remotely are less productive then when they work onsite? [closed]

So I was speaking to one of the folks I work with here a few days ago, and they were complaining that their company no longer allows workers to work remotely at all any more due to the decrease in ...
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34 votes
9 answers

Why don't more companies hire remotely? [duplicate]

I keep hearing about the desperate recruiting efforts of companies in tech hubs such as SF and NYC. However, every time I'm contacted by a startup I'm told the position is on-site and working remotely ...
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11 votes
4 answers

can a team lead's work ever be done working remotely

I am currently a software developer. As a next milestone in my career I am thinking I must establish myself as team leader which leads a small development team in order to meet deliverables, ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How to effectively telecommute when working for a small firm?

I'd like to know what experiences others have had telecommuting full time? What software tools and processes helped maintain cohesion and maximized collaboration & productivity?
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6 votes
1 answer

Remote Working & Relocation [closed]

Sorry if this question is a duplicate, I did some extensive searching and found nothing on quite the same topic (though a couple on partially-overlapping topics). Recently, whilst on holiday in ...
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3 answers

Which languages are more conducive to telecommuting, and also less concerned with pairing?

I don't know that it may even make a difference, and I reckon if it did the differences would be cultural rather than technical, but if one were going to set out today (2011) to learn a language, and ...
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35 votes
7 answers

Where can I find programming work online? [closed]

I have setup an ideal, quiet, non-interrupting environment at home. I am extremely productive here. I dont want to leave my home, not my room, not even my couch. I am outside United States in a ...
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4 answers

Tips for developing with a remote team? [closed]

My company has corporate offices around the country and I have been hired under contract to work in one office while the rest of my team works in another. We are in the same time zone, but definitely ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Telecommuting with a foreign employer as a permanent job [closed]

Does anyone have any experience in telecommuting (working at home) for a company based in some foreign country? By this I don't mean working on some contracted job, but more or less permanent job. Is ...
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2 answers

Telecommuting from Australia - tax arrangements [closed]

I live in Australia, and I am currently looking at some of the remote job offerings in countries like US/UK. However I have very little understanding of what needs to be done to report that kind of ...
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Are companies in certain locations (big city vs small town, etc) more likely to offer telecommute contract programming work?

I'm interested in taking on more contract projects for programming and, although it'd be nice to find clients just in my area, I want to expand my search a bit to other areas where a company may allow ...
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