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Should I keep in the database a record of the user accepting the terms and coditions?

Most of applications, when you sign up, you must agree with some terms and conditions. Should the information that the user agreed to those terms be saved in the database? I asking this because I'm ...
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Difference between admin and super admin? [closed]

In our company we use the term admin and super admin. Admin - refers to the person who will handle the users, this is preferably from the external (maybe a manager of our client) Superadmin - refers ...
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Terms in conditions in installer or is on website ok

I am currently in the process of packing my first c# wpf app. The app will be paid so it requires the user to agree to some terms and conditions. Is it best to have these built into the installer? ...
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Should I include terms of agreement and privacy policy in my iOS application?

I am developing mobile based social network with backend and I cache some data from facebook. I asssume I should include a kind of Terms of use and privacy policy statement in the application? is it ...
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Should I require users to register to use my app?

So I'm very close to releasing an app I've been working on, and the server I integrate with allows me to register users. So I was wondering if I should require users to register with the app before ...
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Licensing for a commercial Blackberry app

I want to develop an app for a website (let's say in this case). Will I violate the Blackberry terms of service if I list an (paid) app for a website which I do not own? What about ...
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Developers Terms and Conditions

I've recently been approached to do some development work for a start up. The fellow has requested my terms and conditions. Being new to the industry, what sort of information would/should I include ...
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How to avoid being sued for your software? [closed]

I have a written a small app as a research project that uses open source libraries. It can do packet sniffing, network scanning and man in the middle attacks on wifi and lan. This software is ...
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Storing T&C acceptance in database - best practice

I wondered if anyone could advise on the best way of storing a users acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in the database. I am in the UK if this changes anything. I have had the T&Cs drawn up ...
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Terms of Service responsibility when developing a library service that wraps a 3d party API

For my own amusement and instruction I've been developing a C# / .NET library that is basically a wrapper around the Google Geocoding API. It simplifies the entire process and enables users to perform ...
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Summarize terms of service? [closed]

What's your opinion on summarizing the ToS? Example: [ToS here] Basically, it means you won't sue me. [I accept][I don't accept] Is this good practice or will this just get you sued more?
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