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Does every member of an agile team need to be a software developer?

We recently started using agile methodologies at my company. Because I am quite new to agile, I wonder if our way of implementing it is correct according to the basic principles of agile. Previously, ...
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Should testers have root access or not, on personal VM, given that developers do?

In a development environment where developers are freely given root / admin access to their personal development VM's is there a need to prevent integration testers from having root / admin access in ...
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What must testers be able to do to be 'highly qualified'? [closed]

Are modern testers like 'stupid' users which try to find a bug clicking and filling fields or they have solid knowledge about product cores? What modern testers must be able to do? Must they be ...
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Are there any substantiated recommendations how many testers a team should have per programmer? I'm more interested in opinions referring to an old-school development approach (no agile stuff) and ...
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3 answers

Finding and managing a group of testers

I am about to release a piece of software that will be licensed with the GPLv3 (the project itself is "for fun" and has no commercial dimension in it). The software is intended to help designing ...
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Tester-Developer communication

While a lot is written about developer-developer, developer-client, developer-team manager communications, I couldn't find any text which gives guidelines about tester-developer communication and ...
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What traits do the best testers you've worked with have in common?

Tester and blogger Lanette Creamer recently posted this question on Twitter: If you are a professional software developer who works with testers, think of the best testers you know. What traits do ...
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