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How to test generated text

I am creating a text generation algorithm for my master's research. I have a dialogue between two people and I would like to simulate one part of the conversation with naturally generated text (not ...
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What are the methods to accurately test the accuracy of a parts of speech tagger?

I know that most of the pos tagger algorithms measure their accuracy token wise I.e. whether the token is tagged correctly or not Some pos taggers provide sentence accuracy too. How is sentence ...
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Synchronizing webpage and local pdf

I would like to solve the following problem. On my website, I have a list of my publications. I also have my list of publications on a latex file of my cv. The issue is that I update these manually, ...
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Equal transformations on both indexed content and query content before a search is attempted

In search engine indexing, a body of text is often processed before it is indexed. A common example is stemming, were words are reduced to their root form (plurals are dropped, tense is normalized). ...
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Generate all possible outcomes from pattern or range

I have multiple patterns that I want to expand. Expansion should expand number and letter ranges between curly braces. Numbers need to support padding. I want to have it expand into a List(Of String) ...