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Fastest way to generate (machine wide) unique 64 bit timestamps on Windows

Here are some of the characteristics of my problem: I must generate unique 64 bit timestamps across processes on a single machine. I am very much limited to those 64 bits. This seems to rule out ...
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Vector clock conflict resolution in event sourced system via local timestamp - is this safe?

We have an occasionally connected, event sourced system: a budgeting application where each client can pull other client's event store from a separate storage (network share, dropbox,...). It is our ...
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Time elapsed between two 8-bit timestamps

So I have a sets of numbers representing some timings. This is how they look like: [sec] [msec] 100 75 100 200 101 60 101 233 102 255 104 21 First column contains the ...
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Can I save & store a user's submission in a way that proves that the data has not been altered, and that the timestamp is accurate?

There are many situations where the validity of the timestamp attached to a certain post (submission of information) might be invaluable for the post owner's legal usage. I'm not looking for a service ...
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How to get local device time corresponding to NTP server timestamp?

So, I'm trying to use an NTP server to help me synchronize an app across two Android devices (to have them perform some action at the exact same time, give or take < 20 ms). I'm using the SNTP ...
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Service to prove authorship with trusted timestamp [closed]

This question is related with copyrights. The copyright is granted by default to the author of some code, however this requires to prove that some person is the "first" author of some piece of code. ...
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Handling invoices with timestamps

I'm currently going to write something to automatically create invoices with cronjobs by using PHP and timestamps. I have a, for me, well-considered idea of how to solve it, but I want to ask the ...
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"Standard" format for using a timestamp as part of a filename [closed]

I searched for a standard format for using a date/time as part of a file name and was unable to come up with anything. My question is two parts: Is using time stamps to enforce unique in file names ...
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What timestamp to use when pulling files from a VCS system?

Yesterday, a colleague asked me how to configure our VCS to timestamp the local copy of files pulled from the repository with the modification time in the repository. I've always believed that they ...
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