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OAuth Client Credentials Security Concern

I have a scenario I am considering, and I don't quite find out what's the best solution with OAuth. Hopefully I can learn good things here. We are company A and we specialize in managing secure text ...
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What are the advantages of refresh token?

A good auth system contains access and refresh tokens. I know what access-tokens are for and I know what refresh tokens DO - but I don't understand their meaning. For example: If I authenticate myself ...
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Refresh Token Storage on cloud best practice?

Background I am building a web app that allows the user to integrate with multiple services like Google, Twitter, Github etc. using OAuth2.0. Currently, I retrieve the refresh token on sign-in to ...
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How would you test a lexer?

I'm wondering how to effectively test a lexer (tokenizer). The number of combinations of tokens in a source file can be huge, and the only way I've found is to make a batch of representative source ...
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Token based authentication to multiple API servers

We have a Web server (which also does authentication and authorization) that manages, via an API, one or more servers that contain highly sensitive data. In the below architecture diagram, we manage ...
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Is there a common agreed upon token symbol used in computer science or common across languages?

I have seen tokens like this: var message = "Hello, {Name}"; and like this: var message = "Hello, ${name}"; and like this: var message = "Hello, @NAME"; and a few ...